18th November public jumps and drops session

 Paul and Alan were unable to attend so we went ahead with Declan, Ian and Simon. The skills check showed I needed to work on both body positioning and Looking in their physical skills and also their mental skills too.
I was able to show styling it in the air during the drop technique and they applied their skills to this. I did some work on cornering as there was only 3 of them and that work really paid off, especially when linking drops into corners.
We moved to jumping and 1st with a 6ft tabletop and later we moved to another trail where i was able to work on pumping, jumping and manualing sections of a trail and even worked on carrying speed through berms.
amazing session with 3 cool guys

Helen and Andy’s session

 Helen and Andy came to me after various recommendations and today was the day. They stayed locally overnight to be fresh for their session. The skills check revealed they collectively needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning as well as their mental skills too, so I set to work.
Drops were 1st and they were amazed how simple it all was as they landed perfectly and it was effortless compared to how they used to try.
From there we worked on the top half of the trail for a while before then moving to an isolated berm to work on carrying speed through them. A coffee break was next and we resumed back on the skills trail where I broke everything down and then rebuilt them. Fourteen sections were linked together by the end of the session and way faster than they had ever ridden and in more control too. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked with steps, rocks, pumping, drop offs and upslopes. The mental aspect of the session really tired them out and they called an end to their session as they had nothing left but smiles.
Amazing session guys and keep me informed of the riding.

Today’s public singletrack session

 Today’s session started with only Will and Ian as steve and his 3 mates broke down in their van coming down from Leeds. I installed my skills sets before moving to work on body positioning in corners on a grassy hill then we moved to the singletrack itself where we applied  their new skills to each section along the trail and to multiple techniques. Flat , bermed, off camber and switchback turns were lined to pumping, steps, drop offs, up slopes and rock gardens and over the next 2 hours we really worked hard on linking them together and they became a hell of a lot faster than when they arrived.
We moved onto riding steeper sections and this really blew their minds as their new skills made this easier than ever and the smiles beamed across their faces.
We ended the session by pumping multiple sections of another trail and carrying speed through a berm at the end of it.
 Cracking session guys.

Tuning Jo and Tina’s riding

I have coached Tina and Jo before and they wanted to return to work on their cornering predominantly, and develop their jumping further too. We began with a cornering exercise to work further on their body positioning during turns, and from there we moved to the pump and jump trail and used its first berm to carry speed through and out of, and as their skills embedded they got further out of the turn and back up the hill. We later added a second berm in so they now had to carry speed through two turns and soon they really got to grips with that too. We moved to the skills trail and worked on linking the complex turns contained within that trail to the other sections, using braking and line choice, and soon they were riding top to bottom more and more fluidly. We took a break for coffee and cake that they brought with them, and resumed with body positioning for take off in jumping, and the judgement of speed and effort required to jump a given distance. Then, they went to the top of the trail, and joined multiple sections of the trail using absorbtion, jumping or pumping techniques as they felt fit in any section. we took a further break, as I knew they were tiring, and when we resumed, they only lasted a short while before mental tiredness started to set in, and our session came to a close after five and a half hours. The session built on the foundation laid on our previous session nicely, and their riding developed as a result. I’m looking forward to their riding updates, and seeing them again.

High 5!

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Nathan (@ukbike_nath)

Four go mad from Hertfordshire

 James, Tom, James and Later on, Richard arrived for their skills session and I began by running the 2 James’s and Tom through the skills check and Found they needed work on their mental skills but first their footwork, looking and body positioning needed correcting. We moved to the drop technique and in no time at all they were riding all 3 drops and landing perfectly and the smiles never left their faces all day! Richard arrived late and Nathan ran him through the skills check and got him up to speed with the others and then after a break we began working on the singletrack and linking the fourteen sections on the trail fluidly and controlled. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, absorbing, rock gardens, steps and drops. It wasn’t long before they were riding the entire trail end to end and every run was faster than they ever rode before and it got better.
 We moved onto riding steep terrain and they were stunned at how simple and easy it all now felt as they used their mental skills to decide to ride down a near vertical drop off. Now, none had ever jumped  before but I was about to change this as we moved to a 6ft tabletop and began slowly working on applying the same skills sets to this technique. They were amazed when in a few small steps they sailed over the tabletop and then moved to the gap jump and rode that too!
We finished the session on anther trail working on using all the techniques covered and choosing whether to pump, jump or absorb sections on a trail and carrying the speed into and through the end berm.
Amazing session guys.

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Lester, 61 yrs young!

 Lester was worried that he’d be too old for learning but quite soon after we met he knew he was with a fellow child at heart. The skills check showed me that he’d tried to work on cornering and other techniques but couldn’t make sense of them. I saw I needed to work on his footwork and looking then later on his body positioning followed by his mental skills.
 The drop technique was first as always and soon he was landing easier and effortlessly on all 3 drops, much to his amazement. From there we moved to the skills trail and worked on control areas and line choice when linking the 14 sections of the trail together. Flat , bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, rock gardens, pumping, drops and absorbing upslopes to maintain speed. A midway coffee break was welcomed and then we resumed with Lester riding the whole trail end to end and knowing why it was right or wrong in any section. He got faster with every run and his confidence grew and grew.
 Next we worked on pumping and absorbing multiple sections of a trail and carrying speed through a berm at the end. We stopped after a while so I could move him to an isolated 6ft tabletop to work on jumping, something he’d never done before. In no time at all he was clearing the jump easily and then rode his first ever gap jump too! The session was getting into the fatgue zone but Lester was going strong. We moved back to the pump and jump trail and this time he chose which to jump or pump and linked a 2nd berm into the line too.
I knew he was tiring but during our break he mentioned that he could never ride straight along woodwork even when it’s laid on the ground. I moved him to the woodwork and at first he thought it impossible but soon he knew how to control any wobbles and his new skills made the drop at the end a possible and he set his sights on that, gradually working his was along the 100ft wooden section before riding the drop at the end.
What a session Lester and I can’t wait to hear of your riding exploits.

making xc racers faster

 The two Richards turned up as arranged and they both wanted to work on techniques to make them faster in xc races. The skills check showed that I needed to work on body positioning and looking in all areas and I needed to work on their mental skills too.
We began with drops and they were soon riding all 3 drops easily and the smiles never left their faces. Airtime is slow time and I wanted to develop their cornering, absorbing and pumping in all areas of the skills trail and soon they were riding top to bottom and linking all 14 sections together. Every run was faster than the previous as they linked berms, switchbacks, off camber and flat corners to steps, pumping mounds, drop offs, up slopes and rock gardens.
 We moved to the steeper terrain to work on their mental skills and  here they decided what to ride using their own skills and not peer pressure.
Next we moved to another trail, 1st to work on absorbing and basic pumping to gain speed through sections on the trail and worked on grip speed through a single berm at the end to see how much further they get when it is all correct. Later on, we worked on more advanced pumping which made them much faster again and this time linked to berms together at the end of the trail. They were tiring and they knew it as the mental aspect of the session took its toll and a couple more runs later and they called an end to the session.
Awesome riding guys and let me know how the racing goes.