Jock and Marissa’s skills session

Jock booked a 1 to 1 session but his riding buddy Marissa wanted to come back for coaching with him as she’d attended a session previously.
The skills check showed me that Marissa had worked on her skills and needed work on the mental skills and  that Jock needed body position and looking skills installed as well as the psychological skills.
 I began as ever with the drop technique and it blew Jock away at how simple it all seemed to be and how easy it was, but he also knew why. Both him and Marissa were riding the largest 1 meter drop with ease.
I worked next on cornering and then moved to the top half of the skills trail to work on linking pumping and rock gardens with 4 corners and they soon began riding fast and fluid and what seemed to them unhurried.
I put a coffee on and while we waited for it I demonstrated more advanced pumping and carrying the gained speed through a berm, they soon followed suit and both flew around the berm with a grin on their faces.
We resumed after coffee with moving to linking the drop technique and cornering technique out on a trail and Jock , followed by Marissa were soon riding the largest drop and landing with control to rail the berm that followed, Awesome stuff!
They then started riding the whole skills trail and linking the 14 sections that are contained within it together with confidence and control. Each run was faster and smoother than ever and they knew why.
Jock had never got into the air on a jump before today and Marissa had never ridden a gap jump but that soon changed. My fellow coach Nathan turned up and joined in coaching them with me and he explained then demonstrated the jump technique and soon they were sailing over the 6ft tabletop, Marissa used her mental skills to ride the gap jump a few times too and I could see the skills really embedding in them.
We then moved onto a trail to work on berms, pumping and jumping to gain and maintain speed. They were now riding with a resonance with the trail and were choosing when to pump or jump. The rain didn’t dampen their spirits and after a few more runs, both myself and Nathan could see they were tiring and they knew it, so our session ended.
Amazing session. High5!

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Ed and Toby’s private two to one skills session

 Ed and Toby booked in with us after recommendation from friends and today was the day. The rain greeted us but a coffee soon warmed us up and I began. The skills check revealed footwork, looking and body position errors and the slippy conditions amplified this so when I began correcting everything they really felt the difference.
 Toby never liked airtime and Ed always felt out of control when trying to drop or jump but that soon changed when we moved to our first application of both mental and physical skills sets.
The difference in control now on drops was easy to see and they really felt totally in control even when dropping from the 1 meter drop and landing easily.
 We moved to the skills trail to work on their fluidity in singletrack riding. I worked hard on their cornering and they got faster and faster , linking flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns to pumping, absorbing, steps, rocks, jumps and drops.We took a break for cake which they kindly brought with them and coffee. We resumed and they were riding the whole trail end to end and really flying and they knew it.
Neither of them had ever cleared a jump before but that was about to change as we moved to applying the skills sets to jumping tabletops. I used a 6ft tabletop for this and in a few minutes, after a demonstration from myself, they were sailing over it with ease and it was high 5’s all round. Now they were riding beyond their wildest dreams but I wasn’t done there. I moved to riding near vertical terrain and the required skills. I demonstrated two very different ways of riding down them and they used their mental skills to decide which version to do, Awesome stuff!
I could see they were tiring but I wanted to work on their trail fluidity further and moved to the pump and jump trail to work on this and even linked a berm at the end which they were carrying speed around with ease now. They were choosing whether to jump or absorb sections of the trail on sight and this really cemented the session as they were using the same skills the have applied during the session.
Nearly 5 hrs since we started, mental fatigue took its toll and our session came to a happy close.
High5 guys!

Simon from bigfoot

Simon made the journey across from Gloucester and we started with the skills check and set up check . I discovered looking and body positioning needed work so I set to work. The drop technique was where I began installing the mental skills set and the effect was immediate as he was landing perfectly from all three drops.
Onto the skills trail and its 14 sections. We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns, steps, drops, jumps and rock gardens as well as pumping and absorbing sections to maintain speed. We worked on the top half and then took a welcome coffee break and on resuming it wasn’t long before Simon was riding the whole trail end to end. Each run was so much faster and smoother than previously and Simon commented on how relaxed he now felt too.
My fellow coach Nathan turned up from a rode ride and stopped by for a chat and to cast his eye on the progress of Simon and gave him some adjustments too. On to jumping and Simon had never jumped a tabletop before but that soon changed as he was clearing a 6ft tabletop with ease and even rode the 6ft gap jump too. Onto the pump and jump trail to really gel the learning together as he could now choose when to jump or pump through sections of a trail and was even railing 2 lined berms together at the end of the line too. Both myself and Nathan could see he was tiring mentally but I knew we had some time left so off we went to apply the skills to riding steeper terrain and again Simon was amazed at the simplicity of it and how comfortable it all felt when riding near vertical drop offs.
We moved back to the skills trail and we could both see that mentally he was done and hand cramps confirmed the end of the session. Amazing improvements Simon.

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Steve’s session of self discovery

 Stephen has ridden for 17yrs and today was a gift from his wife Becca who came along to watch and chill out. We chatted over a welcome coffee and began with the skills check. I discovered great footwork but missing body position and looking skills. I made a set up change that took him by surprise and off we went to apply the new skill set to various sections at the skills area.
The drop technique was first, and it was there that I installed the mental skills set that is so important in our riding. The 3 drops of varying height passed by easily now and comfortably, something he’d not have said before.
I worked hard with Stephen on his cornering and his fluidity on the trail when linking all sections on a trail together. We worked on all types of corners and also pumping and absorbing sections to gain and maintain speed. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, steps, drops, jumps and pump bumps. Before long, he was sailing down the trail and any errors were self diagnosed and he knew why too!
Onto riding steep sections and near vertical drop offs, which I demonstrated various ways of riding and Stephen followed suit and it blew him away at how simple it all felt.
Onto jumping tabletops, something he’d never previous done, and in a few minutes he was sailing over his first ever tabletop and lading on the transition 6ft away easily. A good few goes saw him move across to the gap jump and ride that a couple of times too!
 We moved on to another trail to work on pumping and absorbing sections on a trail to gain speed and to choose to jump. Stephen also linked 2 berms at the end of the line together and flew through them with confidence and commitment.
5hrs after we began our session came to a close and our time together had finished. What an amazing day and it was a pleasure to meet you and Becca.

Andy joins the ukbikeskills air corp

 What a session this turned out to be. We began as ever with the skills check and I found footwork, looking and body positioning needed serious work and Andy’s desire to jump big gaps seemed a big ask to him……
 The drop technique flew by and for the first time ever , he was able to begin to style it in the air. Onto the skills trail and before long he was riding top to bottom and linking the 14 sections together easily and recognizing any errors too. We worked hard on his cornering and it showed, as he was flying through turns he’d previously have crept around.
 I moved onto riding near vertical drop offs and I demonstrated 3 ways of riding them and he had no trouble now that his physical and mental skills had began to settle in with the techniques.
Andy was now grinning ear to ear as we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and now he needed far less speed than he ever thought to clear both jumps easily as his new body positioning paid dividends.
We moved to the pump and jump trail and worked on pumping and jumping sections of the trail and soon he’d linked 2 berms into the line and a 7ft ladder gap that followed. I showed him a 9ft gap could be linked to tht line and he flew over it time and again. An issue began to appear as his bike seemed to kink beneath him when he loaded it and it proved to be a hub and main pivot issue and that on a 2 month old bike! This didn’t deter him from riding the final section of the session,a 13ft gap jump from woodwork to dirt landing. The whoops of joy as he sailed over it was such a buzz for me too as the whole session gelled together.
Our session ended after 5hrs and I cannot wait to hear of his future exploits.
A great end to a week of coaching.

A day of two halves with Roger

 Roger was given a voucher for a skills session with myself and today was the day. The morning was torrential rain but it didn’t dampen the session at all as we began with the skills check and set up change where I discovered Roger had looking and body positioning skills needing work as well as the mental skills.
We as ever began with the drop technique and straight away the change was evident as his new skills made it all simpler and easier than before, the largest of the 3 drops (3ft) was the biggest he’d ever chosen to ride before and it felt easy.
We moved to the skills trail and its 14 sections and began work on linking flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns to pumping, jumps, drops, steps and rock gardens. In a while Roger was riding the whole trail end to end and any errors were being self diagnosed as he knew why it was correct or wrong.
Each run was smoother and faster tan before and the 4ft drop near the end proved no issue at all. The sun came out and blue sky was above us  as we moved to riding steeper terrain and choosing what to ride using the mental skill set and then onto the one thing Roger had never done, jump a tabletop. In a few corrections and adjustments, he wassailing into the air and clearing the 6ft jump and the smile beamed across his face and shone in mine too.
after several clears of the tabletop the session came to a close as physical and mental tiredness was upon us and we parted ways. I’m looking forward to your ride updates already Rog.

Damian’s path leads here

Damian has been coached elsewhere previously but never felt happy with his riding and so his path lead to myself. The skills check showed looking and body positioning needed work as did his mental skills.
The drop technique was first on the menu and he was amazed at how easy it all felt and all 3 drops proved no issue where they would have previously.
Onto the skills trail and it’s 14 sections where we worked on linking the various sections on the trail with control areas and soon he was riding it end to end and fast too!
Flat, bermed, off amber and switchback corners were linked to steps, jumps, drops, rock gardens and pumping . A good few complete runs were done before we moved on to riding steep drop offs and here Damian was blown away at how effortless and drama free it was.
From there we moved once again and jumping tabletops was something he wasn’t able to do but in a few short moments he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop and then moved to ride his first gap jump too!
I could see he was tiring as the mental aspect of the coaching took its toll but not before we worked on another trail to work on pumping and jumping to carry speed on a trail and link it to the final berm at the end.
Amazing session dude.