Weeksy and Si’s session

Steve and Simon turned up as arranged and the rainy day didn’t deter them from coming to the session. The skills check showed me that they were accomplished riders but had small errors in their skills sets that had affected their mental skills.
 I needed to work on their body positioning predominantly as well as their looking and we set to work on the drop technique first. In no time at all, they were both riding the 1 meter drop and loving their new “technique”. Over and over again they rode the 3 drops and the smiles on their faces were a picture as Simon said that he’d have not ridden that size drop before.
We worked next on Simon’s fear of rock gardens and on both their body positions in corners, so we linked the 3 together and as the skills embedded, they got smoother and more controlled as line choice and braking areas made them faster .
We had a coffee break and while we waited for it to be done we worked on linking berms together using ther new skills and after coffee  we  resumed with linking the drop technique with cornering. And after a while, they both were riding the 4ft drop and once again, line choice and braking before the corner made the whole thing simpler and fast as a consequence.
Now it was time to work on their jumping. Neither had cleared a tabletop before left alone a gap jump, but that was about to change. Soon they were sailing over the 6ft tabletop with confidence and commitment, after a few goes they were eyeing up the gap jump too which Simon applied his mental skills to and rode easily, followed by Weeksy.
 Now an error by Si on the gap made him wash out on landing and when he got up we found his  Lappiere stem had snapped!!! This didn’t deter Simon, he then carried on on my bike and kept jumping the gap and tabletop until it was time to move on.
We moved to the pump and jump trail to apply everything from the session in one trail and worked on gaining speed through sections of a trail to have speed to jump or absorb the following sections, then carry that speed through the berms we’d worked on earlier. A few runs saw Simon declare himself too tired to continue but Weeksy wasn’t finished. He’d spotted a gap jump on another trail and wanted to ride it, although clearly tired and he rode it with a big grin on his face then declared an end to the session.
A great session came to a close and I know I’ll be seeing them again for a ride.

The boys from Swindon 24hrs early

 First I must confess to thinking that today was a day off but I made a mistake thinking that Luke, Dave, Paul and Doug were coming to see me on the 26th but a phone call saying they were running late meant that it was now!
 We had a coffee together when they arrived and I explained my outline for the session and what  look for in the skills check. I changed their set ups and showed them why and corrected their collective footwork, looking ad body positioning and then we set to work on the mental skills and applying them out on the trails.
They were never comfortable at trail centers when air time was available as a choice but now they were comfortable in the air and all 4 of them rode the 3 drops up to 1 meter high with ease.
 Next we moved to the skills trail and with a lunch break midway we worked on linking the 14 sections on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, jumping, drops, steps and rock gardens. They were all riding faster and smoother than ever and self diagnosing any errors too.
Nathan turned up to do some trail maintenance and joined in coaching them too which is something we do usually for 6 or more riders but the opportunity was to good to miss.
We moved onto riding steeper sections and they were amazed at the control they had now and even a near vertical drop off didn’t faze them.
We moved on again to the 6ft tabletop and over the next half hour they went from can’t jump to clearing the 6ft tabletop with ease and control. Doug, Dave and Paul even rode the 6ft gap jump side too!
 For our final application of the skills sets, we moved to another trail to work on choosing which technique to use in any section on the pump and jump trail and they carried that speed through 2 linked berms.
Nearly 6 hours since we began, our session ended as they were knackered both physically and mentally and we enjoyed a beer and a tour of the herts woodwork.

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Tuning more Tunnel hill trolls

 What a session today was. The day started with the Baz, John, Rich and Mike turning up early for a coffee and a chat before coaching. Mike knew what to expect as I’d coached him previously and he wanted to share the session with his riding mates and get a skills buff too.
Looking and body position were collectively missing in their skills and I set to work on those, plus the mental skills too. The looks on their faces as we rode to the drops was of worry but that was replaced by smiles as they all rode the drops including the 1 meter drop and Baz and John even styled it too.
 We moved onto cornering and then to the skills trail to apply their new skills. Line choice and braking areas were suggested and applied as they really began to shift down the top half of the trail. We took another coffee break and whilst it was brewing, we worked on pumping and carrying speed through multiple turns.
 We resumed, and it wasn’t long before they were riding the whole skills trail top to bottom and linking the 14 sections contained within it together smoothly but also controlled and that made them faster! Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners were linked to absorbing, rock gardens, drops, up slopes, steps and pump bumps and every run just got faster and faster and any errors self diagnosed as they all knew why it was right or wrong in any section.
We moved to the quarry to work on applying the mental skills to decide what to ride and also to cement the body position skill. I demonstrated riding a near vertical drop off and Rich and Baz followed suit with Mike and John correctly applying their mental skills to comfortably decide to not ride it.
 We moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on their jumping technique. Mike had jumped before and Baz used to ride bmx as a kid but confidence was shattered by a series of crashes over the past few years but one by one they all sailed over the 6ft tabletop time and time again and even John followed by Baz rode the gap jump too which blew them away. Now there were 5 kids on bikes grinning like Cheshire cats on the hillside and I was one of them and it was a privilege to be part of the session as they all improved massively. Soon after the session came to a close as mentally they were shot and an awesome week of coaching and riding continued for me.
Thanks for your time guys.

Bunnyhops and stuff

  Luke came to me via recommendation from his riding buddy Gordon. On meeting, we chatted of his aspirations for the session and that he cannot bunnyhop, jump etc, but this was going to change! The skills check revealed footwork, looking and body position faults and I set to work installing both physical and mental skill sets.
 We began with drops and Luke quickly rode all 3 drops and commented on how undramatic it now felt and how he doesn’t feel any airtime. Over and over again he landed perfectly and smoothly before we moved on to the top half of the skills trail. Pumping, absorbing , rock gardens and 4 different corners were worked on and linked together before we had a welcome break for coffee.
 We resumed with bunnyhops and he said he’d never been able to get the rear wheel off the ground by scooping. I laughed at the scoop your feet analogy and demonstrated the correct way and to Luke’s amazement he got the rear wheel in the air. We then rode over various sized stumps on the ground and the smile beamed across he face.
 Back to the skills trail and it wasn’t long before Luke was linking the whole trail together and riding faster and smoother than ever.
From there we moved to riding steep drop offs and the required application of the skills set and this blew him away as it was far less dramatic than his old sit right back technique of old.
We worked on riding steep drop offs into corners and when it was right he knew why too.
We finished our session on the pump and jump trail where we worked at gaining speed through absorbing and pumping multiple sections of a trail and carrying that speed through linked corners.
What a session that was.

Finding Stu’s riding centre

 Stu lives in Brighton and races enduro and wanted to see if he could improve his times and get faster overall.
The skills check showed me where I needed to work on his skills and a set up change was necessary to enhance the corrections. The drop technique was first on the menu and I worked on his mental skills questions here and soon he was riding and even beginning to style it in the air too. The smile on his face was a mix of amazement and surprise as he’d never been able to style it or ever felt as controlled and he knew why.
I worked hard on Stu’s cornering and when we moved the the skills trail and its 14 sections he was already getting faster as he got smoother and more controlled. Pumping, steps, drops, jumps and rock gardens were all linked via control areas and line choice to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.
We spent quite a time on the trail but I wanted to push on further, so off to riding steeper terrain and near vertical drop offs was in order and I demonstrated a couple of different ways of dealing with vertical and he followed suit and it blew him away as the weight right back mantra was blown away.
 Onto jumping tabletops and I used an isolated 6ft tabletop and gap jump option for this and in a few short moves he was sailing over them and tweaking it in the air again, Amazing stuff!
We moved to our last trail of the session, the pump and jump trail. Here I demonstrated pumping, manuals and jumping and soon, much to his surprise, Stu was manualing, pumping or jumping sections on the trail by choice and knowing why to do so too. Stu carried the speed gain from the trails top half to rail through 2 berms and over a 7ft ladder gap jump and even styled it there too!!! The session just got better and better. Along side the pump and jump trail is another with only gap jumps along it but Stu was able to judge his speed and distance now and rode into and across the 1st jump of that trail a few times before mental tiredness and fatigue took its toll and our session came to an end.
High5 dood!

Plymouth Jon’s session

 Jon tried to Book a date last year but his time wasn’t ready until now and the heavy rains over night flooded the surrounding area but the skills area as ever was ok. The skills check showed me that Jon was one sided in corners and that needed correcting and he also had a body position error in other techniques. Armed with this knowledge I set to work correcting it by installing the skills set.
 We began with the drop technique and air time was something Jon wasn’t comfortable with previously but now he was sailing into the air and landing perfectly. The mental skills were now something that Jon applied as he choose what and when to ride.
I worked on his cornering hard and soon we were on the skills trail and worked on linking the whole trail together via identified control areas. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, pumping, drops, rock gardens,absorbing and drop offs. Over the following coupe of hours I’d broken down his riding and rebuilt it into a new simple skill set that he was now using and  smiling all the way.
We moved to the one thing he’d never done, jumped and cleared a tabletop but in a few short moves and some skills tweaks he was sailing over the 6ft jump with ease and it felt as though he’d been doing it for years. Even the gap jump was ridden to a couple of times before we moved to the pump and jump trail where we worked on Jon’s trail fluidity and when to choose to jump or pump a section on the trail. He rode the midway berm with control and speed into the larger tabletops that he was now popping into the air with ease. It was so cool to watch the change in his riding over the 4 hours since we met and he was loving it. We moved back to the skills trail for a couple of runs but the adrenaline from the session had taken its toll on Jon mentally and he was beginning to make unforced errors so we ended the session there and then. What an end to an awesome week of skills coaching.

Adam’s biking path leads to me

 Adam has been coached a few times from other company’s but a crash saw him drop confidence and his neighbor, Jon recommended coming to see ukbikeskills. The day was supposed to be monsoon conditions but a little rain greeted us as I ran him through my skills check and showed him why the crash had occurred all those months ago. I saw I needed to work on his mental skill set and his body position in a couple of areas and footwork and looking in his cornering as he’d got conflicting advice previously. The change he felt immediately and soon was riding all 3 drops to 1 meter with renewed confidence and a massive smile. I moved across to the 6ft tabletop, something he struggled with previously, but now he was sailing over it with ease. The gap jump was to happen but later and when his mental skills allowed.
 We moved to the skills trail and worked hard on cornering as well as pumping and riding rock gardens before coffee beckoned. Whilst coffee was cooking we worked on linking berms together and carrying speed through them and he remarked how much faster it all was now and also how controlled.After coffee we resumed and soon he was riding the whole skills trail and each run was soo much smoother and faster than ever before but also felt slower as the drama had been replaced with control.
We linked the drop technique and cornering technique by line choice and braking and the 4ft drop breezed past as he flew down the trail.
We moved to riding steeper terrain and near vertical drop offs and it was all now feeling so natural that everything was easy, even linking steep into a corner to a jump didn’t faze him.
We moved and walked up to the pump and jump but not before Adam had rode the gap jump as he was now ready and chose it. His first go had errors but he self diagnosed and nailed  with ease the following goes. We moved to the pump and jump and worked on fluidity and when to pump or jump a section on the trail and carry speed through a turn and down through much larger tabletops. By the end of the session we were riding together and it was awesome to see the rider that he knew was in him, rise to the top.
Awesome session dude and see you soon.