Skills for the four guys.

We started off with the skills checks, where i discovered they all needed to work mainly on body positioning and looking within their skills sets. I moved them straight onto drops, where i gave them all a mental skills set, and showed them how to use this within their riding. Soon enough, they where all riding off the largest drop and landing perfectly. We done a quick cornering technique, and then put this to practise by linking two bermed corners. We later moved onto the skills trail, where we spent the next 2 or so hours linking each section together, which included bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops. We then worked on jumping the tabletop, where i controlled their speeds individually, and soon they where feeling the air beneath their wheels as they flew across it. Some even rode the gap too. The session ended by me showing them some steeps, and showed them the importance of having a correct body position in this.
Nice one guys.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Pre Alps session for Ashley

 I coached Ashley on a public session last year and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to push his riding on further by having a private one to one skills session with myself. The skills check showed me that he’d worked hard on his skills set and that I needed to work on his cornering body positioning and also work on linking multiple sections on faster trails that involve corners and jumps. We worked on pumping and carrying speed through first one, then two and finally three linked berms. I worked on judging distance for speed and effort on a 6ft gap jump before moving to riding steeper terrain and the various ways of riding near vertical drop offs. We then worked on bigger gap jumps,a 7ft gap,  9ft gap followed by a berm, then a 13ft gap sandwiched between a pump bump and a berm. This was a first for coaching as it is too technical for many and that makes it mentally far greater a challenge. We ended our session on the first 2 gaps on a trail called air supply. Amazing progress and a lovely guy to be around.

To jump a tabletop

 I coached Andrew back in November and he wanted to return to develop his riding further and wanted to learn to jump. I worked on his body position in corners first as a warm up and to re install that missing skill before moving on to the drops where I demonstrated and then Andrew followed suit . We that was the first hour or so of the session and as the sun burned down, we moved across to the 6ft tabletop to work on his fear of jumping by working on his mental skills. It took a while to break down the techniques involved and then to paste them back together. Gradually, Andrew felt himself first get into the air and then finally flying over the 6ft tabletop. It is hard to convey the emotion involved in a session like this as it’s a journey I take with each rider but When the heat and mental side of the session got the better of Andrew, we both shook hands and smiled. Knowing that Andrew had made a huge step in his riding.

Public singletrack skills session

Oleg, Jess, Mark, Nick and Charlie booked their places on this public session in advance and a warm day greeted the session. I began with the skills check and set up checks before moving to footwork and body positioning in corners before later adding looking in to the mix. We applied the mental and physical skills in various applications found on trails. Berms, flat, off camber and switchback corners, steps, drop offs, up slopes, pumping and rock gardens were all linked on a singletrack trail via braking areas and line choice and they really began to ride with enhanced control and they got faster as a by product. I even got their wheels into the air, something not on the menu but I thought why not as they were really improving so much.
Four hours after we began the session closed to smiles all round and they now know why it’s right or wrong in any section on a trail.
Cracking session, high5!

Chris, Graham and Tristhan’s skills session

Chris attended a public session 3 years ago and wanted to return to get his jumping mojo back and to share the session with his to mates  Graham and Tristhan . The skills check showed me the areas to work on and I made a subtle set up change too. We began with the drop technique and soon moved on to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump which they all found easier than ever as their new skills began to embed. I demonstrated why effort and speed can be used to control distance in jumping and they all followed suit , clearing the jumps using this. The mental skills were applied at all times too during the session and evermore from today.
Berms were something they wanted to work on and soon their new positioning and looking skills really paid off as they had loads more grip in corners than they thought possible. We moved to steeper terrain and different ways of riding steep drop offs before returning to work on a pump and jump trail and choosing whether to jump, pump or manual sections of a trail to develop speed. By the end of the session they were riding the trail and linking the 7ft and 9ft gap jumps that came after the 2 berms into the line too.
Amazing improvements guys.

Ian re thinks his riding

Ian came to me after recommendation from and the day arrived and blue skies greeted us. The skills check showed me an accomplished rider but with body positioning needed fixing. I set to work. We moved through the mental skills and applying both mental and physical skills to the techniques I teach and used them in contexts out on the trails. Drops then to jumping the 6ft tabletop and working on speed and effort required. Ian’s new body position really hit home on the steep terrain as he now felt way more control than before. We worked hard on cornering and this was the game changer for him. We linked 2 berms together and carried speed which enable Ian to jump a 7ft gap jump, much to his amazement. 
We worked on linking drops into corners as well as pumping and absorbing undulations on a trail and choosing to jump, pump or manual to gain more speed. I knew he was tiring under the hot sunshine but not before I had demonstrated a 9ft gap jump that is sandwiched between 2 berms and Ian follwed suit a few times before declaring himself mentally drained. What a pleasure today’s session was to be part of.

Session with Gary, Nick and Justin

I ran them through the skills checks to start, and i could see that i had to work on a combination of skills within each of their skills set. I moved them on to work on cornering. They could feel the difference having the correct feet and body made too this technique, and they demonstrated this on the first half the skills trail. I also showed them drops, where i gave them each a mental skills set, and they were quickly riding off the largest drop, and landing perfectly. After lunch, i showed them droping into corners, followed by jumping fly outs, and then riding the whole trail top to bottom. I showed them the tabletop, and before long, they were all landing perfectly on the other side of both the table and the gap jump. The session finished on the pump trail, where they were all flying through the sections, and also linked it with the two corners and larger wooden gap jumo which followed. Thanks for today guys. Nick, remember to twist your hips, and push the hand. Justin and Gary, remember to stay off of that saddle.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)