Rewiring Brian’s brain

 Brian has been coached before and as a world champion in another sport as a junior, he had loads of experience to refer to physically and also mentally. The skills check showed I needed to work on body positioning and looking and I knew Brian had a fear of gap jumps , but more of that later. We began with the drop technique and once corrected, He said it felt so natural to his old get weight back technique. We moved from drops to the jump technique and using a 6ft tabletop i worked on speed and effort required to clear the jump and moved on to the 6ft gap jump side too.
We worked hard on cornering and this made a massive difference to his control and confidence as we applied the skills set to the techniques I teach. We worked on pumping, absorbing, linking drops into corners and being more fluid and controlling a trail to become faster. We worked on a big drop off and used 2 very different techniques to ride the near vertical drop. 
We then moved back to 2 berms we’d ridden earlier but the gap jump that followed was a step to far as Brian couldn’t answer the mental skills questions positively at that time but more work on the 6ft gap and then onto an isolated dirt jump changed that and he was sailing the 7ft gap jump. A few clears and Brian called an end to the session after 5hrs of re wiring and left a vastly improved rider.

Meddling with Grahams skills again

Well, what a session that turned into. Graham arrived for his 2nd session, a year almost since his 1st. We began with the drops so I could re install any missing skills and then moved on to jumping. We ended our session on the 6ft gap last time but this time Graham was sailing over it an hour into this session. I was able to work on his speed and effort judgement too. Smiling, we moved to work on cornering and used 2 berms that just happened to have a 7ft gap jump after them and it wasn’t long before he was sailing over that to whoops of joy. We took a coffee break and resumed with the berms and the gap jump  before moving to what Graham thought was a huge jump, a 9ft gap jump that nestles between 2 berms. I demonstrated and then Graham sailed over it with a look of shock on his face as he couldn’t believe he was riding it. A good few more clears and he was linking it to the previous 7ft gap jump to and was riding the entire line from the top.
 I knew that he was tiring from the adrenaline rush but we moved on to the skills trail to work on linking drops into corners, something of a nemesis from the last session but soon he was linking them sweetly.
Our session ended on a 15ft tabletop jump as we worked on effort and speed required.
 Graham called the end to the session himself and I cannot wait to hear how his riding moves on from here.

Adam and Paul’s two to one session

 Paul and Adam arrived as arranged and the skills check showed me they needed work on looking and body positioning. I could see some good habits buried beneath some bad habits. I changed their set ups and off we went to apply the techniques I teach and to work on their mental skills. Drops were something they wanted to be able to do and we began with them up to 1 meter high and they were soon flying off the largest. From there I moved them straight to the 6ft tabletop. In afew short steps they sailed over the jump and landed perfectly on  the down slope. The smiles on their faces and the look of shock as they always thought it more complicated than it actually was. They then moved to the 6ft gap jump and nailed that a few times too!
 Now onto cornering and I used 2 berms at first and really drilled the body position and looking here and they grew faster as they became smoother and soon gained speed rther than losing it through their turns. Steep terrain was next and they were blown away at how simple and smooth a near vertical, scary looking drop off actually was.
 The skills trail was next up and we broke down the 14 sections contained in it down before piecing it all together.Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rocks, pumping, steps, jumps and drops. They got faster and smoother and more controlled as they knew where their braking areas were and using their new braking and line choice it all became easy.
 We finished the session on the 6ft tabletop by working on the equation of speed, effort eqauls distance. as they graduated effort for speed. awesome riding guys.

Jumps and drops public session.

Kam, Al, Adrian and Mark arrived as arranged and I began changing their set ups and showing them why. I then covered the simple technique required that forms the basis of jumps and drops. We moved to applying it to the drop technique and then to linking drops to corners, of course I taught them some cornering first!
The wind was howling so while we waited for the wind to drop to learn to jump , I was able to cover riding steep drop offs. We finally moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and all four riders sailed over the 6ft gap jump and they used their mental skills to decide if they could ride the gap jump too.
Amazing session to start the week.

Father and Daughter share a session

 I coached Dad John back in February and he wanted to set his daughter Mia’s riding off on the right foot and maybe get a chance to push his riding on further as he hoped to work on steep terrain and maybe learn to jump gaps. Mia’s experience off road was limited to canal paths etc but now I wanted to enhance her control and develop her skills. I focused on her footwork in corners and used a berm to really give her the feel for being on a trail and then began adding the undulating sections before the berm. Dad followed suit too and I was able to work on his body positioning. We did a corning exercise and linked turns together as well as braking control. I even got John to begin to style it in the air from drops. Mia took a rest as I worked on John’s mental skills in riding steep terrain and even a near vertical drop off proved no problem.
 I used the top quarter of the skills trail with Mia to work on body positioning when absorbing sections and carried speed through a small berm. Another break for Mia and I was able to work on Dad’s mental skills again and we moved to a 6ft tabletop and then a 6ft gap jump, something he’d never jumped before and to his amazement John sailed over the gap time and again. We moved back to the original trail and this time Both Mia and John rode from top to the berm, linking all 9 sections above it and carrying speed through the berm. Dad went on to link the 2nd berm and 7ft gap jump into his line and that blew him away. For our final part of the session, I moved Dad to a 9ft gap jump sandwiched between two berms and after I demonstrated he sailed over that 3 times before calling an end to a perfect session.
Amazing experience, high5!