Building Alan’s skills and experience

 I coached Alan on a public session in August and he booked a one to one to cement the skills further and hopefully move his riding on as he’d only began riding mtb in June.
 We began with drops and then moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on effort for distance/speed and how saddle height restricts the rider. We then worked on cornering and moved to the singletrack to apply the mental and physical skills to linking the 14 sections contained within. Line choice was worked on as well as braking technique too.
 We took a break and resumed on another trail. We worked on developing speed through multiple berms and also pumping and jumping sections on the trail.
 Alan said he struggled with flat drops to steep landings , so i moved to the woodwork to work on this. Control of the environment is paramount here so I showed him how to control any wobbles and why to dismount in a certain way before working on first a 3 ft high ladder drop, then 6ft then 7ft. all ridden smoothly and trouble free.
Our session ended after a few top to bottom runs of a line containing berms, multiple jumps as well as 7ft and 9ft gap jumps and a ladder drop too.
 Amazing progression in such a short time.

Second session for Alex

 I coached Alex earlier this year and he wanted to return to maybe push his riding on further and to focus on drops and jumps predominantly. We began with applying the skills to the familiar 3 drops that I always start with and I was able to get Alex to begin to move the bike in the air. We moved across to the 6ft tabletop and worked on his effort and varying speeds required to clear it. I then worked very hard on the mental skills as we moved to the 6ft gap jump along side and mentally that was so different for him. Soon, however he was sailing over it with ease.
 We took a break and began working on cornering and carrying speed through 3 berms and used that speed to ride the fade away jump at the end, which in Alex’s words, he “sailed like an eagle”. We then rode the 7ft gap jump that he ended on in our last session and he rode that ten or so times and it was easier than before.
 Alex wanted to ride woodwork and after I demonstrated how to control it he began riding a line that drop from a 7ft high ladder at the end, This really gave him the adrenaline shakes and he rode the whole line a few times before moving on again to another few sections.
I knew Alex would tire very soon but I wanted to demonstrate riding 2 berms that sandwich a 9ft gap jump. Alex used his mental skills to decide he could ride it and rode it he did. A good few clears and Alex called an end to an amazing session ending a cracking week of coaching.

Gill and Mark’s path leads to myself

 Gill and Mark arrived as arranged after booking with me after reading recommendations online. They looked worried as they arrived and when asked what they wished to get from the day, Jumping was top of the list and flow and fluidity on a trail came after.
 I found body positioning and looking needed work and of course , their mental skills also.
 We then applied their corrected kills to the techniques that I teach on the trails with drop first !
 It wasnt long beofre they were landing perfectly and they knew why too. They rode all 3 drops to 1 meter and I was even able to get Mark to style it in the air too.
 We moved to the 6ft tabletop and here I spent lots of time working on Gill’s mental skills as well as working on Mark’s judgement of effort for distance. To their surprise they jumped the 6ft tabletop and Mark rode the gap jump side a few times too. We took a break for coffee and resumed with corners and pumping and absorbing sections of a trail. Soon they were choosing what to jump, pump or absorb and linking three berms together and the following jump too. Amazing stuff!
We worked on steep drop offs and a near vertical drop off proved simple as I demonstrated different ways of riding such sections without having to get air. Back to the pump and jump trail and Mark rode the 7ft ladder gap and Gill was happily popping into the air by choice rather than accident as before today.
 We moved to singletrack and worked on line choice and breaking areas when linking the sections on the trail and all 9 corners and other sections really flowed together. Gill was knackered and called n end to her session and Mark agreed too and an amazing day with an awesome couple cme to an end. Some dys just shouldn’t have to end.

Dan learns the art of mountain biking

 I coached Dan in June on a public session and he wanted to no go bigger jump wise but get better all round and learn to judge distance and effort whilst jumping. We began with the drop technique and then onto the 6ft tabletop and gap to work on the speed/effort equation. Dan began filling his tool box metaphorically with experiences of different speed and efforts for distance.
 We moved to cornering and onto the singletrack skills trail to work on trail energy management and linking fourteen sections of a trail together. Flat, berm, off camber and switchback turns were linked using pumping, absorbing and unweighting as he linked steps, jumps, drops and rocks in the trail.
 We worked on steeper terrain to really cement the importance of body positioning before moving to the pump and jump trail. Here I worked on absorbing sections of a trail and gaining speed using pumping and carrying speed through one, then two and finally three linked berms. Later Dan was choosing which technique to sue and was even able to move the bike in the air too.
 Dan wanted to learn to ride woodwork so we spent some time there and soon he felt comfortable on the ladders.
 We ended our session linking the pump and jump with its step up jump which he cleared easily and linked a 7ft and 9ft gap jump into the line which Dan rode a good few times before by his admission he was knackered.
Awesome riding dude, High5!

Centering John’s riding

 John came to me after recommendation and he wanted to work on his jumping and cornering as he always needed lots of speed to jump and sometimes it went very wrong too. The skills check showed me in cornering he needed footwork and looking developed and in jumping his body positioning was a glaring error that needed correcting. I changed his set up and began working on the mental skills.
 We began with the drop technique and the change was immediate and he said he felt effortless now. I was even able to show John why the skills enabled him to make it look nicer in the air with style too. We moved to a 6ft tabletop and worked on effort for distance and the ease in clearing the 6ft tabletop stunned him again and the 6ft gap jump was no problem either.
We then worked on cornering and eventually linked three berms together and John’s new skills made it feel slow but he knew it was way faster as he used pumping the gain speed and railed the turns gaining speed through them. We moved to the singletrack trail and worked on linking all the sections in the trail using the skills and identifying control areas and line choices and soon he was riding the trail top to bottom linking the 14 sections together. Errors were being self diagnosed by now too as he knew when it right and why.
 We moved to another trail and worked on jumping or pumping sections on a trail and linked 2 berms together followed by a 7ft gap jump and then added another 3 sections, 2 berms with a 9ft gap jump sandwiched between them. By the end of the session John was flying through the trail with ease but unforced errors showed him that he was tiring and he called an  end to the amazing session.

Singletrack skills public session

 We today was a cracking session. The riders arrived as arranged and I made some set up changes and used my skills check to see the areas they individually needed work on before moving onto the techniques required in riding singletrack. Footwork, looking and body positioning were identified and I also worked on their mental skills. Cornering was first and soon they were riding a berm and then pumping trail features was added. We moved to singletrack and worked on linking 14 sections of  a trail together, identifying control areas and working on line choice. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping absorbing, drop offs, steps and drops.
 We ended the session with pumping and absorbing multiple sections of a trail and linking three berms together and carrying speed through them all.
Cracking day.

Showing Simon that it’s simple

 Simon came to me after reading recommendations on and explained he’d been riding for years but never ever got his wheels off the ground but ideally would like to be more fluid overall in his riding. Well, I thought I’d get his wheels into the air straight away but not before correcting the missing skills and beginning to work them into the techniques that i teach.
 The first drop was a concern to him at first but soon he was lan ding perfctly and quickly moved to the largest and was amazed at how simple it now was. I wasted no time in moving him across to the 6ft tabletop and began working on getting him to jump and clear the jump. Simon thought I was clearly mental as the possibility of actually being able to jump and fly through the air was something only for kids. In a few adjustments Simon sailed across it a few times and was absolutely blown away by the simplicity of it all.
 We took a break to let the adrenaline settle and then resumed with cornering and pumping. I needed to correct his footwork and body positioning and this lifted his vision naturally to a point. We worked on carrying speed through berms and then moved to linking the drop and corner techniques together on a trail. Braking areas and line choice all played a part in this and before long he was landing the 4ft drop and sailing around the corner. Any errors were now being self diagnosed as he knew why it felt right or wrong.
 We moved to steeper terrain and even a near vertical drop off proved no issue to him now as his old sit way back technique was now a thing of the past.
We worked on another trail and used pumping and absorbing to gain speed through a trail and choose what sections to jump or pump, carrying the speed along the trail and through three linked berms. I knew he was tiring and Simon agreede but not before we’d worked on yet another trail and linked 4 corners, pumping and a rock garden together.
Amazing improvements and a great end to an amazing week of coaching for both myself and Nathan