Annabel and Arrans session

I discovered during the skills checks that i had to work on body positioning and looking within the techniques they demonstrated to me. After correcting it here, we done a bit of work on cornering, first using a grassy slope and then two linked berms. Drops came next, and they used the mental skills to overcome any fears and were both soon landing perfectly off the largest drop. We then linked drops into corners where line choice and correct braking became a factor. After lunch, i showed them jumping on the fly out, and then linked this up to the bottom of the trail. Each run was faster and they were showing more confidence between them. Our session ended on the tabletop, where i worked on speed management, and jumping at different speeds, and soon enough, they were both landing perfectly on the downslope. Nice work today, Annabel, press your hand more, Arran, think about the sticker.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Mark and Pete’s session

 Mark and Pete returned for the 2nd half of their coaching session and we began where we left off. We worked on pumping and carrying speed through one berm and then added a second later.looking and body positioning were really paying off and they could feel it.
 We moved on to drops and applying the mental skills that I teach. Soon they were both landing perfectly and knew when it was right as it felt easy.
We moved across to the 6ft tabletop, something that Pete had never tried before but Mark , later followed by Pete cleared the jump. I worked on pete’s mental skills and Mark’s effort for speed and distance. 
Next, we worked on riding steeper terrain and both used their mental skills to decide whether to ride the drop offs or not as that is the point of them, not just me showing riders they can blindly do. The ease at which Mark rode the near vertical drop off can be seen in the video above.
We ended our session on the trail that included the two berms from the morning and they choose to jump or absorb sections of the trail an linked the two berms in as before.
Awesome progress

Alex returns with Rob and Hayden

 I coached Alex nearly five years ago and he wanted to return as he felt his skills had dropped off somewhat and a flush of crashes before today had prompted it. Hayden and Rob joined him this time on the session after raving to them about his first session. I needed to discover the missing skills that had created this lack in confidence and found Alex’s right turns were weaker than his lefts and both Rob and Hayden needed work on cornering too as body positioning, footwork and looking were lacking. I made a set up change that helped correct this and the session grew from there.
 We began with drops and applied both mental and physical skills to the technique required and body positioning was key.
 From there we worked hard on cornering and soon found ourselves on 2 berms and they were stunned at how controlled and smooth their newly corrected skills made everything feel. 
We had a welcome break for coffee and grub and resumed on the skills trail, a seemingly simple piece of singletrack with 14 sections contained within it. We broke it down into bite sized chunks to work on applying their new skills to and the techniques required and before long they were linking them all and as line choice and braking areas were used they became faster and smoother and the grins grew and grew. Errors were now being self diagnosed as they now knew why it felt right or wrong in any section so we moved on to riding steeper drop offs using different techniques and that proved the new skills worked.
They said when we met that bunnyhops and jumping would be something they hoped to be able to do and something they were never fully able to do so jumping it was. A 6ft tabletop soon became no problem as they sailed over at way slower speeds than they thought possible and then they used their mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump also. the looks of amazement on their faces was a picture as they watched each other sail over it a good few times before Alex declared himself knackered and that maybe they should stop. What about bunny hops I asked? They agreed to watch my demonstration and they commented at how easy it looked but were blown away when they found they could repeat it themselves over various sized logs. They were now done pretty much but not before Hayden rode the 9ft gap jump a few times too.
What a session!!!!!

Cornering, jumping and drops for Andy

 I have coached Andy previously a couple of years ago and he wanted to return on his demo 8 bike that he struggles to get airtime on. As we were chatting he showed me that he had a body position error in his cornering as the speed the bike was capable of has made him sit back and unable to corner with control or confidence. I worked very hard on this and maybe half the session was spent on this. By the end he was linking corners together smoothly with no comfort braking and a cheesy grin on his mush.
 Onto his bug bear, jumping. I began with the drop technique to get him used to doing it again with control before moving to tabletops I used both a 6ft tabletop and 15ft tabletop for this to Let Andy get used to disconnecting the techniques involved. I gradually adjusted his set up too until suddenly he could feel the bike pop beneath him and he began sailing over the jump. Last session he rode the 6ft gap jump once and called an end to the session. Not this time, he was riding the gap jump over and over again and knowing why it felt correct or sketchy in any run. 
 We moved to steeper terrain and worked on that before ending our session. Great progress today Andy and let me know how it goes at friston etc,

Trail skills with Andy

We began as always with the skills checks where i found i had to work heavily on body positioning within his cornering technique, as well as looking within his unweighting. We moved to drops where i worked within a set of mental skills, and he was soon landing off any drop of his choice perfectly, at a variety of set speeds. I spent the next hour or so on the trail with him. We split it into quaters and worked through each section individually, and finished pff by linking the whole trail together. Each run was faster and more in control than the previous. I showed him the pump and jump trail, where i first worked on pumping, and then he began jumping sections of his choice. We finished on the tabletop and gap jump, where i worked with his speed managent, and he was soon landing perfectly on the downslope of both the table and gap. Nice one, remember your hips!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Chloe, Dave, Ian and Anna’s session

Chloe, Dave, Ian and Anna arrived for their session as arranged. I had coached Chloe two years or so ago but a crash last year where she broke her collarbone had smashed her confidence too. I knew I had to work on her mental skills and also the missing skills collectively in the group that were, footwork, looking and body positioning.
 To Chloe’s surprise i began with the drop technique, The exact thing she broke herself on and I could see why that had happened and began correcting it whilst Anna, Dave and Ian got to grips with their physical skills. Soon they were landing perfectly and seeing Chloe landing with a big grin on her face was awesome. I worked hard on all their mental skills before moving on to cornering. I worked on carrying speed through one berm and soon added another as the skills embedded they felt their control and speed increase.
 We moved to the skills trail and after breaking it all down, we rebuilt it. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, steps, rocks and  drop offs, We identified control areas and line choice and before long they were riding the whole trail end to end and self diagnosing any errors too.
 I demonstrated riding steep terrain and they used their mental skills to decide whether or not to ride them before moving to another trail to work on absorbing and pumping multiple sections of a trail and linking the two berms we worked on earlier.
 Lovely session with lovely people.

Chris and Nick’s mental session

Chris and Nick arrived as arranged and we chatted of their hopes for the session. They hoped to learn to jump and handle air confidently and a smile from myself signaled the start of a very interesting session. I began with the skills check and set up adjustments and I saw I needed to work on their looking, body position and footwork. Nick said he’s been trying to bunny hop for the last 3 years so I started with that and in five minutes they could bunny hop and used the techniques involved to ride over some logs too. Drops were the next application of the skills and I worked on their mental skills. Soon they were both riding the largest drop with ease and knowing why.
 I worked on cornering and carrying speed through linked berms before we took a break for coffee. After the break we moved to their main wish, jumping. I used the 6ft tabletop and in a few minutes they were both clearing the jump and landing on the downslope. They used their mental skills to both ride the gap jump too!! Now they were buzzing like mad and a few more clears of the gap followed. Next, we linked drops into corners and linked the trail above . 
  We next worked on linking a trail together using pumping and jumping and choosing when and why to do so in any section. Half an hour later they were making unforced errors as the adrenaline drop from jumping took its toll and mental fatigue hit. Amazing riding and improvements guys.