Adam’s riding jumps ahead

 Adam came to me for coaching last year and wanted to come back for a health check to see if any errors had crept in. Cornering had developed a footwork issue that was more prominent with speed and when i showed him why he was able to correct it. We worked on carrying speed through three linked berms to begin with and then added the jump that followed. The jump showed me a timing issue with the techniques involved and I set to work correcting it. When I coached Adam last year he wasn’t happy about the 6ft gap jump but this time I was able to work on his effort, speed and distance using the 6ft tabletop and also the gap jump. I began with the drops and was able to teach Adam why his skills set allows him to be stylish when applied and then he began styling it wherever he fancied it, the drops, gaps jumps and tabletops.
 We too a break and then worked on linking drops into corners and soon he was flying around the berm at the end . I moved to the pump and jump trail and worked on when and why to jump or pump sections and carrying speed to jump a 7ft gap jump and before the end of the session Adam was riding the 9ft gap jump over and over again and linking all the sections above it smoothly and fast!
Amazing progression today dude.

Teaching Mark why

 Mark came to me via recommendation from Simon at and the early morning sunshine arrived and never left us. The skills check showed Mark was missing body position and looking skills and i knew I’d have to work on the mental skills too. We began with applying the skills set to the technique used for  drops and the change was instant. Mark was landing perfectly and controlled and he knew why. I moved to jumping and used a 6 ft tabletop for this and we applied the skills set again to the techniques involved here too and soon he was easily clearing the jump and never felt like he’d left the ground! Mark used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too a few times before we moved to cornering. This was something Mark thought was less important but soon was riding smoother and faster around berms than ever and hitting the jump that followed three linked berms as he had plenty of speed.
 We took a coffee break and resumed and moved to the singletrack skills trail to work on linking sections of a trail together and bit by bit we worked on all 14 sections of the trail together. Berms, flat, off camber and switchback turns were linked via pumping, jumping, steps, rocks and drops. line choice and braking areas were identified and used and soon he was flying along and getting smoother as he became faster and more controlled.
 We moved to the trail that contained the triple berms from earlier and worked on pumping and absorbing sections of the trail and then choosing when and why to jump. Mentally Mark was shattered as unforced errors crept in and not long after we called an end to a cracking session.
 Awesome skills Mark.

Husband and wife share a skills session

 Rob bought his wife Kate today as a present and he joined in too as they both wanted to develop their riding skills further. When I ran them through the skills check, I found they needed work on footwork, looking and body positioning and also their mental skills. I made set up changes and showed them why before moving to the first application of their skills sets, drops.
 I demonstrated first and then they followed, Straight away it felt comfortable and way easier than ever before for them both.All three drops were ridden by them both before we moved onto cornering.
I used one, then added two, then finally three berms and we worked on carrying speed through turns before having a well needed break for coffee and grub.
 We next moved to the singletrack and I broke down the 14 sections into their required techniques before linking them all together by identifying line and braking areas. Soon they were riding the whole trail top to bottom. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to jumping, drop offs, steps, pumping and a rock garden for good measure. They knew why it was right or wrong in any section too and self diagnosed errors. Kate was tiring fast and i could see unforced errors creeping in but i still had time to work on riding over obstacles like trees and logs before our session closed to a beer and a walk around the herts woodwork. A brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching.

Jess and Allie are flying

As i ran Jess and Allie through the skills checks, i realised i needed to work on looking, body position and footwork. I moved them straight onto drops, and worked on unweighting the bike at a variety of given speeds, and being able to land perfectly.

Next, after a bit of work on cornering using the hillside, we began linking drops into corners.

We then worked on the rest of the skills trail. We linked bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops. Each run was faster, more in control and they showed more confidence within each section.

Our session came to an end on the tabletop, where i controlled their speed individually, and soon enough, where putting their ability to practice and were landing perfectly on the landing of both the 6ft tabletop and gap jump next to it.

Great work guys. Jess, remember to stay up, Allie, think about your legs!

Nath (@ukbike_nath)

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

gaps, drops and berms for David’s 3rd session

 I have coached David twice previously and he wanted to return as he felt errors were creeping in and that he wanted to work on larger jumps and drops. Well, I could see in his cornering that he was losing positioning so I began working on linking three berms together and gradually he became faster as his control enhanced. We added a jump after the berms and worked on style in the air too.
 From there we worked on pumping or jumping sections and jumping a 7ft gap, a ladder drop and a 9ft gap on a trail. David was flowing along nicely now and after a break for coffee and grub we upped the ante. We next worked on a higher 5-6ft ladder drop and soon he was loving that and was ready to ramp it up further so a 12ft gap jump was next and after a demonstration by myself, David rode it. After coming up short, he recognised the errors and corrected it for a few clears and even began styling it too. The sessions mental aspect was draining Davids energy but not before he’d ridden an even higher ladder drop. Mistakes now began creeping in and caused him to crash but he knew exactly what he’d done wrong and could feel that he was too tired to continue safely so our session ended.
 Amazing session dude.

Matt’s mind gets re opened

 Matt came to me via recommendation and arrived nice an early and the forecast  rain never arrived.
 We began with the skills check and I found footwork and looking was in need of work and then I was able to work on Matt’s body positioning. Drops as ever was the first features we applied the mental and physical skills to and the technique just blossomed from there as he rode all three drops to 3ft high with absolute ease.
 We moved on and worked on cornering before moving to the top half of the skills singletrack trail to apply the skills in real world. It was a very much conscious re action at first but after a break for coffee we were soon able to ride the whole trail end to end and every run got smoother and faster as a result. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, rocks, drops, absorbing and pumping.
 We ended our session on another trail after a good few runs of the pump and jump trail, linking three berms together and the fade away jump that eds the trail. Amazing session with an awesome bloke.

Father and son

Ian and Simon are Father and son who do other sports together as well as mountain biking and wanted to share a skills session after recommendations from their mate Chris whom I coached a while back, I ran them through my skills check and found good habits but a lack of body positioning and looking skills. I set to work correcting these and off we went to begin on the drops. Almost immediately, they began landing perfectly and errors could be felt too as they knew when they leant back it felt out of control.
 On to the skills trail and the first six sections, I broke it down and demonstrated before it was their go. Pumping, four corners and a rock garden were all linked together and although it started messy, it soon got faster and more fluid once we took a coffee break. We rode three linked berms and worked on controlled entry and gaining speed through them before heading back to the singletrack trail. 
Before long they were riding the whole trail and self diagnosing any errors as they knew when and why it felt wrong or right. Five hours after our session began they started to make unforced errors and as they became more frequent it was clear that mental tiredness had arrived and it was time to end the session.
 Awesome progress guys.