14yr old Milo’s session

Milo’s mum asked in their local bike shop about getting him some coaching and the bike shop recommended us. The day arrived and any fears or pre coaching worries Milo had dissipated as we chatted about his riding hopes and experiences. I explained the skills set we at ukbikeskills teach and then set to work. I worked on his footwork and body positioning first and later added looking into the mix. I covered pumping first and cornering and we worked on carrying speed through berms. Eventually, Milo was linking three together smoothly.
 We moved on  to jumps and drops and the techniques required. Drops were now not and issue as he was landing perfectly from all three drops. I moved him across to jumping and used a 6ft tabletop. Milo gradually added speed to correct technique so he began clearing it easily. Milo then used his mental skills to ride his first ever gap jump too!
 I knew he was getting tired but we had time to work on jumping and pumping sections of a trail, carrying speed through the original three berms and riding the jump that followed too.
Brilliant riding and thank you for listening Milo. Catch you soon.

keith and rob come for a session

I found these guys waiting in the quarry, so after i checked their bikes over, i ran them through the skills check. The main issue was body position with both of them. I started to correct this here, and also made set up changes before covering drops. I gave them a mental skills set nowi, and soon enough with little explanation and a few demonstrations, they where both landing off the largest drop perfectly with control and even style. I then worked on cornering and linking drops into corners, which both linked the two sections together well with speed and fluidity. Jumping was what we worked on for the rest of the day, using the fly out, pump and jump trail, and the tabletop to work on their techniques. About 4 1/2 hours into the session, Rob hit a brickwall due to mental and physical tiredness. I carried on with keith, showing him a few more different gap jumps, until he too reached a stage where he could physically do no more.
Was a pleasure to ride with you both.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)

James has a one to one skills session

 James came to me for a session after reading lots of recommendations on www.singletrackworld.com forum. He brought along two bikes but the full suss had a leaking front brake so he went ahead with his 29er hardtail.
 The skills check showed good footwork but body position and looking needed work so I set to work. 
The drop technique was first and immediately, Jim was landing perfectly and with less effort than he thought possible. It wasn’t long before he’d rode all three drops with ease as he used his mental skills to decide when and whether to ride anything.
 Onto cornering and pumping, using three berms and some basic pumping to generate speed Jim began flowing through turns and a few goes later saw us break for coffee. We resumed by moving to the singletrack trail to work on all the sections contained within and linking them by line choice and control areas. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, drops, steps,absorbing, drop offs and rocks. Jim was flowing fluidly and controlled but also was able to know why it was correct in any section. 
 We moved to steeper terrain and he was shocked at how controlled and drama free a near vertical drop off felt as he applied his skills to riding it.
Five hours after we began it was time to call an end to the session as little unforced errors began creeping in so we parted ways with a handshake and knowing smile.
Awesome stuff. High5!

Northerners aren’t all that bad :) spunky monkeys

Paul and Tom booked in after recommendation from their friends Mark and Gill whom I coached earlier this year. I got to say, I loved every minute being in their company as it was a laugh with plenty of north/south banter and plenty of piss taking was going on.
 The skills check identified the areas that needed work and I made set up changes too. We began with applying both mental and physical skill sets to the technique required for drops and the ease of it all , once it had clicked blew them away. We moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop and the required techniques and they were soon flying and landing perfectly.
 The 6ft gap jump side was next on their menu and that flew by easily. After a coffee break, we resumed with cornering and its this that really took them by surprise as their new enhanced skills really gave them more grip and control in turns. 
We  then worked on linking a trail with multiple jumps and berms and began pumping, absorbing and jumping by choice and design. They noticed the second berm had a 7ft gap jump option and after I demonstrated it, they both rode that and then rode the 9ft gap step down that followed that. I was able to show why the skills made style easy and controlled and they learned and laughed in equal measure.
Over 5 and a half hours after we began, mentally they were tired and very very happy and an awesome session came to end and I know I have made to new friends too.
Amazing stuff, high5!

public jumps and drops session

Today was a public session and jumps and drops were the main focus so I had to isolate the missing skills in each of them and rebuild them to become more controlled rider and therefore faster as a by product.
I made some corrections and set up changes before moving to applying the skills sets to first the drop technique and then drops into corners. The change was immediate for them all and they all said they felt smoother and more controlled than ever before. Onto jumping , and first i used a 6ft tabletop and gap jump which we worked on gradually adding speed and effort before they were all flying over the jump, a couple even rode the gap jump side a few times.
The session ended on a trail that required riders to choose to jump or pump sections of a trail and corner through three lined berms and jump again.
Cracking session, high5!

Five friends share a skills session

 Lewis, Danielle , Paul, Duncan and Jamie all wanted to share a session together as they all ride together. The session began with my simple skills check and I found they needed work on their body positioning and looking skills and these had affected their mental skills to we began with cornering.
 We used a grassy hillside to practice the technique i teach before applying it on a trail with three linked berms and the effect was immediate. Danielle said she has never been that fast around a berm or felt in such control. We worked on pumping and sticking the the ground along a trail to gain speed and added this to their cornering.
 After a break for Lewis’s birthday doughnuts, we worked on the drop technique and for the more advanced, how to style it in the air too. It didn’t take long before they were in the air and landing perfectly and in total control. Any errors were all self diagnosed as they now knew why and it was time to work on jumping. I used a 6ft tabletop for this and soon they all got into the air. Duncan and Jamie were riding the gap alongside it and I was able to work on style here too.
We moved back to the trail we started on and now choose when to jump or pump and carried even more speed through berms and some even rode the ladder gap jump.
 Five and a half hours after we started they all said they were happy but too tired to continue and an awesome week of coaching for ukbikeskills came to a close.
Amazing session, high5!

Carl’s gift of a skills session

 Carl was bought the session as a gift from his wife as he wanted to learn to get more from his riding rather than buy a new bike. Carl has ridden for years but never got much air time as he lacked confidence, the skills check showed me why. I found looking and body positioning needed correcting and then I could work on his mental skills. I changed his set up and it had a profound effect on his riding. I began with applying the skills sets to the technique required for drops and he was landing perfectly from all of them, the third being the largest he’d ever ridden. 
 I moved on to cornering and we used his muscle memory from skiing and when his new skills set was applied he cornered with confidence and grip, linking 3 berms together easily.
 After a break we moved to singletrack and worked on his flow and connection to the trails energy.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked via control areas and line choice to pumping, rock gardens, absorbing, steps, jumps and drops. Soon he was flowing through the hole trail and loving every minute.
Lastly, we moved to jumping. Carl rides lots of trail centers but always rolled tabletops but soon he was flying over the 6ft tabletop with control and any errors were understood as he knew why it was correct now. Carl surprised himself by riding the 6ft gap jump a few times too. We ended our session after working on the effort/speed equals distance equation that meant he could judge things for himself.
What a session Carl.