Three go mad from Eastbourne

 Mike and Steve had been coached by myself and Nathan over a year ago and felt some errors were creeping into their riding and David joined them on a session to have everything stripped back and rebuilt. The skills check revealed why Steve and Mike felt something was wrong in their jumping and Mike had body position and footwork skills needing work.
 We began with the drop technique to work on applying their skills to the technique I teach and I was able to work on their mental skills too. From there we moved to the 6ft tabletop and I was even able to work on style in the air too as they applied their mental skills. They were soon riding the six foot gap jump too.
 We moved to working on their cornering and berm riding and they were riding three linked berms and riding a steep faced kicker and even styling that too!
A stand alone dirt jump was next and once again they used their skills to ride it with ease which stunned them as they floated in total control over the jump. We then linked two berms and a ladder gap jump and they were seriously buzzing now as a 9ft gap jump was next on the cards which they all sailed over and linked the whole line into as well. I covered effort and distance when riding large tabletops and we ended our session with them pumping down the trail and choosing what option to take and I even joined in with them. What a great end to an absolutely fantastic year of coaching.
happy xmas and high5!

Aaron and Darren’s skills session

 Well, what a session that turned out to be. Aaron and Darren turned up as arranged and I ran them through my skills check and found the missing physical skills and I corrected them before moving to different section at the skills area to work on applying the mental skills I teach also. We began with drops and quickly moved on to jumping. Now Aaron had jumped tabletops before but a big crash a year ago had an effect on his mental skills but Darren had never got into the air let alone cleared a tabletop but within an hour of meeting myself, they were both sailing over a 6ft tabletop withease and soon after they were clearing a 6ft gap jump too.
 I worked on their berm riding and soon they were linking three berms together and riding the fade away jump that followed too. We took a coffee and mince pie break and resumed with linking drops into corners which really hit home with them and they were both landing the 4ft drop and easily riding the corner that followed. We worked on riding steep terrain too and the required body positioning before moving on again to the pump and jump trail. Before the end of our session they were both pumping and jumping sections of the trail, linking two berms and riding 7ft and 9ft gap jumps all in the line. What a difference in 5 hours boys!
I cannot wait to hear of their future riding exploits.

Over coming fear of gap jumps

 I coached Scott over a year ago and he wanted to push his riding further and explained he had a fear of gap jumps and would like to perhaps ride a small one. Small is a relative term so I began working on his footwork in his left handed turns as he felt less stable in that direction and it was obvious to me why. We linked three berms together and began jumping again on the steep faced jump that comes after the berms and I was also able to show why the same skills sets enable style too.
 Next we moved to our old friend the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and I was able to work on his judgement of distance for effort and speed. This is an invaluable tool when jumping and Scott face beamed with a smile. 
 After a break for chips and coffee we resumed and looked at a 9ft gap jump that even after a few run ins , Scott said no to. We moved on to an isolated gap jump with a steep take off and that floated him into the air and his fears began to dissipate . A good few runs saw him ask to go back to the 9ft gap and we did. Scott’s mental skills added up correctly now and he sailed over it again and again and even rode the ladder gap jump before it when riding the whole trail end to end. What a session!!!!!!
 Scott, keep me informed of your exploits and let me know how the riding goes.

Alex, Nick and Tony from Wye valley

  Alex, Nick and Tony came to ukbikeskills after being recommended it by their friends James and Alison. They told me of their varied riding experience and that Alex even raced bmx as a child but fear had now got the better of him. I began with my set up and skills check and found body position, footwork and looking needed looking with them collectively and I knew I’d have to work on their mental skill sets too. 
 I began with the drop technique and they were amazed at how simple and easy it was as they all began landing perfectly with more control than ever before. The smiles on their faces said it all as they rode all three drops and that smile never left!
 Cornering was next and they were amazed at how much grip was available when done correctly and we moved to pumping and linking three berms together to bring it into a real situation as their local spots involve lots of berms at places like bike park wales and the forest of Dean. We had a break and resumed with jumping. Never in their wildest dreams did Nick or Tony think they would be clearing a 6ft tabletop today but that soon proved no problem and Alex rediscovered his bmx heritage and it came flooding back with style and he began riding the in his words “terrifying” gap jump with ease too.
We worked on positioning for riding steep terrain and near vertical drop offs before moving to linking drops into corners and the required line choice and braking areas.
We finished the session on the pump and jump trail and I demonstrated pumping undulations on a trail and carrying that speed through three berms and hitting a large jump with style. They all followed suit and the learning from today really blossomed and by the end they were tired but very very happy.

Building Dave’s mental skills

 I coached Dave three years ago and a crash this summer in a berm whilst on holiday in the Alps had affected his confidence so he contacted me for a return. I began with the skills check once again and found that he’d become protected and needed his body positioning moved . 
 We began with drops and quickly moved from the 3ft drop across to the 6ft tabletop. Dave began the session clipped in but later changed to flats as that’s what he rode before his summer crash. Soon he was clearing the 6ft tabletop and used his renewed mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump side also.
 Cornering was next and I used three linked berms for this to get him used to the change in direction and to work on his left turns as this is where his fear lay. I worked on pumping and absorbing sections on the trail and carrying that speed through the trail . Next we worked on a 9ft gap jump and the mental skills associated. This was a bit of a see saw but every error was self diagnosed as he could feel if he was moving his body back and it now felt wrong to him. We then changed it up a bit and spent some time on riding steeper terrain before resuming with the pump and jump trail and before Dave called an end to the session he’d ridden the 7ft gap jump he’d said no to earlier a few times too.
 Cracking session dude.

Steve becomes the rider he felt he could be

 Steve found out about my coaching through word of mouth and today was the day for our session. Blue skies greeted us and never left us for the whole session. Steve said he gets scared on drop of a foot or higher and said he cannot corner without virtually stopping mid turn and having to pedal to catch back up with his mates. I looked at him with a knowing smile and ran him through my skills check. I found looking and body positioning needed correcting and that would then leave the mental skills to deal with. Simples!
We began with applying the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach to the drop sections first. Steve was stunned at how simple and comfortable it all felt and blew his own mind by riding the 3ft drop a few times with absolute ease.
 Onto cornering and linking sections of a trail together. I used the skills trail and we worked on pumping, jumping, drops, rock gardens, drop offs and steps and linked them to a variety of corners. The last drop of 4ft into the final corner flew beneath him when riding the trail top to bottom and linking all 14 sections of the trail together.
Steve said at the start that he’d like to jump but jumping the 6ft tabletop was something he felt beyond him when he first saw it but 2 hours into the session saw him sailing over it with a big old grin splashed over his face. The adrenaline was now coursing through him and a few more clears saw us again move on. Steeper terrain was next, culminating in a near vertical drop off that now proved no problem at all as once again Steve used his mental skills to decide that he can ride it.
We then moved on again and this time to the pump and jump trail to work on gaining speed from the trail, linking three berms together and jumping a steep faced jump. Man it was so cool watching the rider inside Steve bubble to the top and he was loving his enhanced skills sets.A final run of the skills trail saw Steve declare himself knackered and an amazing session came to a close.
Let me know how the riding goes dude.