Mike’s trans Portugal skills preperation

 Mike has entered the Trans Portugal enduro and wanted to work on his trail fluidity and make sure he was not wasting energy on descents. The skills check showed me that he was weaker on right turns and that he needed looking and body positioning worked on as well as the all important mental skills. Jumping tabletops was not on the menu for today, Drops were first up and his new skills set made Mike comment on how simple and easy it suddenly felt. Next up was applying the skills to cornering and linking sections of a trail together. I used the skills trail which has 14 sections contained within it. We worked on it in bite sized chunks before later linking the whole trail together. Pumping, steps, rocks, drops and drop offs were linked with flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. By the time he was riding it top to bottom we began working on building and carrying speed rather than his stop start effort of before today.
 Onto steeper terrain and first a long steep slope, then a near vertical drop off . I demonstrated two different ways of riding it and Mike followed suit, simples! Later we rode a short steep slope to immediate corner to jump and that got easier and easier as his skills set embedded further. 
Lastly we worked on pumping and absorbing multiple sections of trail with seat up and then down to show the difference and we even rode the trails a few times together.
Great session, high5!

Matt, Anthony and Matt from Yorks

Matt, Anthony and Matt arrived as arranged and although they had varied experience between them , They wanted a session to see if they can get better at all. Well, the skills check showed me the missing skills and I set to work on their looking and body positioning and the all important mental skills too. We moved through the drop technique that I teach and they were all blown away at how simple it felt. I moved across to jumping as none had cleared a tabletop before and one by one they sailed over the 6ft jump and landed on the transition perfectly. Ant and Mat applied their new skills ets to clearing their first ever gap jump too when faced with the gap jump side.
 After a break we continued with cornering and this made a huge difference as the slippy conditions amplified any errors. They were riding through three berms and loving their new skills and errors were being self diagnosed now too. We worked on steeper terrain and the ease of riding down very steep drop offs was something they all commented on.
 We worked on pumping and carrying speed through sections to be able to jump other sections and this was something that cemented the body positioning skill. I could see they were tiring but I wanted them to use their mental skills again to decide if to ride a section or not so off to a 9ft gap jump we went. I demonstrated and one of the Matt s said he was done and not continuing whilst other Matt rode it easily time and again. Anthony was tiring but wanted to ride it and trying whilst not applying his mental skills correctly made him slide off on landing and he knew he was too tired now for another go so our session came to an end. Cracking session guys and let me know how the riding goes. 

John’s riding starts from now!

 John has been riding since he was a kid and luckily, he still is a kid. He wanted to learn why sometimes he messes up jumps and looses grip in corners and his search for coaching led to us at ukbikeskills. The day arrived and the frozen conditions soon gave way to slippy top layer so any changes in his riding were felt straight away. 
 The skills check showed looking, body positioning and footwork all needed gradual correction and that only left the mental skills. I adjusted John’s set up and off we went to apply his new skills set to the technique I teach for drops and jumps. Well, as soon as John  landed perfectly on the largest drop  he knew why and the smile grew and grew and never left his face. We moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop and the same result followed. He used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too and whoops of laughter rang out across the countryside as we both laughed at the simplicity of it all.
 We had a break for coffee and resumed with cornering and soon we were on a trail pumping, jumping and linking three berms together and sailing into the air on the final jump. During the coffee break, John had wandered off and looked at a 9ft gap jump. Well that was next on his menu and he easily rode that and the adrenaline shakes began as he was riding beyond his previous level but now with so much control and confidence as he knew why it was right or wrong in any section.
 Errors began to creep in soon after as the mental toll of pushing his riding on began to accelerate but the session didn’t end until we’d worked on linking drops into corners.
What a brilliant session .

laughing along with the southern wankers

 They bet me I wouldn’t name this blog like that 🙂 James and John turned up as arranged and from the word go we were having a laugh. That tone continued throughout the session which made the 6 hours they spent with me fly by, literally. 
 I ran them through the skills check and found they needed work in footwork, looking and body positioning and that had to be corrected before I worked on their mental skills. I adjusted their set ups and that made an immediate difference to them both and soon we were of to the drops to apply their new improved skills sets to the technique required. They both soon were landing perfectly and it blew them away at how simple it felt, the 3ft drop proving simple too. Before we had a break I began working on their cornering and had to work very hard on their right turns in particular. Before lunch, they were linking three berms together and that was in preparation for their up coming visit to bike park wales.
 After lunch we began working on jumping tabletops and landing on the downslope. a 6ft tabletop soon proved no problem to both John and James and the gap jump loomed. Both rode the gap jump a few times and could feel when anything was right or wrong and they knew why too.
 We then worked on applying the mental skills to riding steep terrain and a near vertical drop off.
It’s the mental skills that decide whether you can or cannot ride any section and applying those makes all the difference and using a macho ballsy attitude ends up hurting.
They ended their session on a trail pumping, jumping and cornering better than ever before and tiredness , both mental and physical ended a brilliant day with two fantastic guys.

Vic turns a corner in his riding

 Vic came to us via recommendation and wanted to work on  drops and gaps and said he was happy with his cornering. Well, the skills check showed me that he needed to work on cornering , especially his right turns and footwork, looking and body positioning were all developed to correct his physical skill set and that left me to work on his mental skills. I began with drops and Vic was blown away at how simple it all now felt. A crash two years ago really had affected him but on watching the video of the crash he now knew why he crashed and how to stop that happening again.
Onto jumping and the 6ft tabletop sailed beneath him after a few small steps and that left the 6ft gap. Vic used his mental skills to ride it perfectly every time.
I worked on his cornering and he was amazed how much grip was available within his skills set and soon Vic was riding through three linked berms and styling the jump afterwards. We worked on drops into a right hand berm , Vic struggled at first but later on he was riding through it smoothly as the video shows. We took a break and resumed with riding bigger gap jumps and the required speed/effort equation they present. BOOM! Vic sailed over it time and time again and the smile on his face said it all to me.
We ended our session with Vic riding through a berm and then clearing the three tabletops that followed by applying his new skills sets. What a great session with a great bloke. See you soon dude.