public jumps, drops and corners session


Today was a jumps, drops and corners public session and the guys all arrived on time as arranged. The skills check and set up changes made a difference immediately and over the course of four hours we worked on the mental skills associated with them . Drops were first and then jumping a 6ft tabletop. Cornering and carrying speed through linked berms and pumping. Drops into corners and the required braking and line choices.

All of the time I kept a watchful eye on them to correct any small errors to make the techniques gel. The guys were all surprised how simple everything felt and they all knew why it felt right in any section.

Awesome session end to end.


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A cushty session with Gav and Adrian



Our session began with the skills check, i had to work on both of their looking and body position. We moved onto drops, and i worked on bringing out their natural unweight by slowing them down. We worked on cornering next, i got them linking three berms, and then we linked three berms together. We then moved onto linking drops into corners. Both rode it with speed and control. I then showed them the rest of the trail and they rode it top to bottom. We moved onto the tabletop, where i controlled their speed individually until i found their clearance point. They both rode the gap jump also. I showed them steeper stuff and how having the correct body position can effect this. Our session ended on the 9ft gap jump, where they both answered their mental questions and landed perfectly on the landing. Nice work guys. Push that hand, and get the seat away from you!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Control equals confidence for Steve




Steve was bought a skills session as a gift voucher and today was the date that we arranged. Steve said he lacked confidence in riding off road and that when racing he simply got left behind when it got remotely technical. The skills check showed him why he was lacking confidence as that affected the other mental skills so I corrected his body positioning and looking skills as well as adjusting his set up and the effect was immediate.

We began with drops and using a 6inch drop to begin Steve began feeling more control than ever before and was soon landing perfectly and used his new mental skills set to decide to ride all three drops up to 3ft! Then we worked on basic pumping and cornering on a single berm, adding a further two later as his mental and physical skills blossomed. A welcome coffee break was followed by riding steeper stuff and although Steve chose not to ride them it was a demonstration he won’t forget as I demonstrated exactly what to do and why.

Rock gardens were something he’d never ridden but he was amazed at how easy everything was becoming. We worked on linking drop offs into corners as well as when to pump and absorb and why and when to jump. Funny, now that Steve was comfortable jumping and dropping sections rather than cornering, even though that was way better than when we had begun too. We worked on gaining speed through pumping and sticking to the ground before moving to the singletrack trail. I could see that Steve was tired from the mental exertion from the session but he didn’t realise until he began making unforced errors and even when he knew what to do, he couldn’t make himself do it and our session ended with a cold beer to celebrate an amazing transformation in his riding






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Skilling up Stu


Stu came to us at ukbikeskills upon recommendation from his riding buddies. He explained that he had jumped small jumps before but it was very much hit and miss whether it went well. The skills check showed him why it was going wrong and I set about correcting his physical skills set before working on the mental skills whilst applying them to the techniques required on the trails.

We began with drops and using the technique that we teach and immediately Stu felt more control and the simplicity blew him away. All three drops proved no issue as he knew where to look and his body positioning really made the whole thing effortless. Next up was jumping tabletops and I used a 6ft tabletop for this and in a few minutes he was sailing across it easily and landing perfectly again. It wasn’t long before the gap jump side of it beckoned and Stu applied his mental skills again to choose to ride it and again with the same smooth landing as a result.

We took a coffee break and then resumed with cornering on the grassy hill first before moving to three berms to work on carrying speed through turns. Stu’s new skills were applied and the levels of grip amazed him as he railed through three berms and hit the jump that followed. We moved to the steeper stuff to apply both skills sets and the near vertical drop really cemented his new skills sets as it all felt so simple and easy now.

Drops into corners were next as we ramped it up a bit and linked those techniques together via line choice and correct braking before moving to the trail containing a 7ft gap jump. Now Stu was pumping or jumping by choice nd railing two berms to carry enough speed to make the 7ft gap jump that followed an easier prospect and a few runs of the complete trail saw Stu’s tank running empty on energy and an awesome session came to an end.






Rob and Rich’s skills session

Rob and Rich arrived as arranged and I began with the skills check. I discovered that they needed work on footwork, body positioning as well as looking, I had my work cut out or so they thought. I corrected their missing physical skills and adjusted their set ups. Once corrected, we moved to applying it to their desired features, jumps and drops. The drops sailed beneath them easily and they were amazed at how easy it all felt and effortless too. I said to rich that we’ll move to jumping tabletops and he looked at me as if I was mad. In a few small adjustments both Rob and then Rich were sailing the 6ft tabletop and then they used their new mental skills to ride their first ever gap, a 6fter.

We took a break and resumed with pumping and cornering through berms. They were stunned at their new speed and grip levels as they linked three berms together. Time again again they rode that part of the trail and we then moved onto riding steeper terrain and steep drop offs. Once again their new positioning and looking skills paid dividends as they easily rode a near vertical drop off. We worked on linking drops into cornners and the required line choice before moving up and pushing their mental skills limits. Next on the menu were a 7ft and 9ft gap jump and once I had demonstrated them, they both rode first the 7ft and then the 9ft gap jump and began riding the entire trail end to end and they were now loving it.

They began the day wanting to correct the things that went wrong when they tried small drop to riding 9ft gaps and 4ft drops easily and knowing when and why it was right or wrong. Awesome session.



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16th March Public Session



Once everyone had arrived, we ran each rider through the skills check and then collectively worked on each person’s missing skills. We spent the first half of the session working on dropping and jumping. Everyone was soon feeling the air beneath their wheels as fears were being overcome. After this we moved onto the table top and everyone was soon clearing the 6ft table top, and others used their mental skills to ride the gap jump as well.

After drops & jumps we moved onto cornering techniques. We linked berms, drops into berms and each rider became quicker and more fluid within each turn. Our session finished back on the pump and jump trail, where the riders began jumping sections, and some riders chose to ride the gap jump towards the end of the trail.

Nice work guys.

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Klara and Roland jumps and drops session


I coached Klara and Roland a couple of months ago on their cornering and today they returned for the rest of their  session to control  getting into the air from drops and jumps. I corrected their looking and body positioning and began working on the mental skills. Drops were first on the menu and We began with a 1ft drop and in a couple of runs they were both easily riding it and landing perfectly. They both said it felt simpler than any previous efforts as they had both had breakages crashing trying to jump. They used their mental skills questions to decide to move up to the 2ft drop and finally the 3ft drop and I was even able to teach Roland to begin to move the bike in the air.

We took a break and resumed with jumping. I used the 6ft tabletop for this and by controlling speed they could focus on applying the physical skills required and gradually they began to fly into the air. Roland cleared it first and then we began working on effort and speed, something that confused him but later would click nicely for him to pop over the 6ft jump easily. Klara was more cautious but in time she was sailing over it also. The video shows one of the final runs before she began clearing it and the control is there for all to see. Awesome session and a great end to another week of ukbikeskills coaching for myself and Nathan