Andy and Mick’s skills session


Andy and Mick came to us at ukbikeskills for mountain bike coaching via recommendation. They are going to the Alps for the first time this year and wanted to get some jedi skills.

The setup and skills check was first and I identified the areas that needed work physically before even working on the mental skills.

We began with the technique we at ukbikeskills teach for drops and soon they were landing perfectly and already feeling different about their riding. The 6ft tabletop was next and again, in a few short steps were clearing the jump with ease. I worked on the mental skills and then they applied them to decide to ride the 6ft gap jump with big grins all around.

The steep terrain and near vertical drop off were next and this really stunned them as they easily rode them in a variety of techniques that I teach.

We worked on  cornering and carrying speed through berms. Their new body positioning was having a massive effect on not only grip but also confidence.

I demonstrated 7ft and 9ft gap jumps to them and they followed suit. Andy washed out on the run into the final corner and that affected him for a while but before long him and Mick were pumping, jumping and cornering like never before.

Great session guys.




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Paul’s Birthday Session




Paul came to me on his birthday last year for some
Mountain bike coaching, and returned to improve his skills and push himself further. I quickly ran him through the skills check, as always, to see what information he had retained and what he was missing. All was looking good so I moved him straight into drops and then the table top. On both I slowed him down and got him to increase his effort for the same result. He also rode the gap jump before we moved on. I done a little bit of cornering on the hill, and then linked drops into corners. He had ridden this before, and you could easily tell as he flew off the drop, landing smoothly and flying round the corner which followed. Towards the end of our session last time he began to jump off the steeper roll in we teach in the quarry, and he wanted to feel comfortable on this, so I took him there and showed him the mechanics of this, and he was soon flying off it and landing perfectly. I showed him dropping in sideways here also. I then took him to the three linked berms. This was mainly to get him comfortable so I could show him the wooden gap jump afterwards. He was sailing over this before long. The 9ft gap was next. I had showed him this last time but he was unable to answer his mental questions. This time, no problem with it after I demonstrated and he had a quick run in to check line and speed. He then linked these two together in a line. After lunch, we worked on some north shore. I first showed him how to control it if it went wrong, to avoid jumping off, and within an hour he was linking wooden ladders with corners and undulations, higher ladders, dresses and wooden ladder gap drops. He was blown away by this and was giggling like a kid. We went over to the alpine switchbacks, which he didn’t ride last time, and I wanted to bring him down a bit after being full of adrenalin. It was at this point Paul called an end to the session as he could feel he wasn’t concentrating, both on these and the chute drop which he rode last time, so we headed back.

Nice one Paul. It’s great to see when someone returns having taken on board everything you have shown them.

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Jumping and drops for Iain and Anna


Iain and Anna wanted to return to me for mountain bike coaching to focus on jumping and drops as this was an area that Iain wanted to get better at and Anna wanted to build her mental skills for as 1ft high drops were er limit. Drops were first and Iain wasted no time in riding the largest 3ft drop and I was able to get him to begin to move the bike in the air and develop style. Anna needed her mental skills and only when the physical skills were there too could she decide to move to the largest drop she had ever considered riding. The result was it felt the same as te lower ones and the smiles on their faces said it all.

After a break the rest of our session before they were too tired to continue was used on the 6ft tabletop when I broke down the phases of jumping and built them back up gradually until they were both clearing the 6ft tabletop and landing on the transition.

They came a long way in a short time frame and it’s hard for me to put into words a session like this.

Awesome progression that will develop further


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Ben’s return session



Ben had a mountain bike coaching session with Nathan this time last year and wanted to build on the foundation that his session with Nathan had made for him. I could tell in the skills check that he had been working hard in embedding his skills over the last year so the session was based on developing his mental skills. Ben wanted to work on his judgement for effort and speed on jumps and drops, especially when there is a gap involved. So I set to work. We warmed up in the familiar drops and applied the techniques that we at Ukbikeskills teach, and I was even able to show him why his skills set allows him to move the bike in the air comfortably too. From there, we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump, and upon clearing it as he did in his session with nathan in his session last year, I then began to develop his judgement for effort and distance as I sped him

Up and slowed him down, he began naturally adjusting. We took a break for coffee, along with Nathan and his friend Carlos, who Nathan was coaching at the same time, and when we resumed, we began working in his fluidity through linked berms, and he got faster and faster, and was loving the big jump at the end. Now it was time to turn the heat up slightly, and after two berms there is a 7ft gap jump, which last year, was right in Bens limit, and after working on his turns, he found he had the speed, as well as a full set of mental

Skills, to ride it over and over again. I then demonstrated a 9ft gap jump which is sandwiched between two corners, and I did this twice at two different speeds, to show the difference in effort. Ben must have rode this gap 20 times, and was afterwards linking it with the whole pump and jump trail, the 7ft gap he rode earlier and this gap in a line. We then worked on steeper terrain, and the different ways of riding near verticals drop offs, before moving on learn how to gain speed from a trail without using rider

Effort, and gain speed through each section. After a couple more runs down over the gap jumps, Ben called an end to the session as he could feel he was mentally

Tired, and our session finished there and then.


Awesome improvement Ben, high 5!


Tony (@ukbikeskills)


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A 1 to 1 session with Carlos



Today myself and tony coached two friends, tony was coaching Ben, who I had previously coached, and I was coaching his friend Carlos. I began as always with the skills checks and I saw straight away that body position and looking where what Carlos was missing from his skills set. I corrected this here before we continued. We started with cornering, first on the hillside, and then linking three berms together. He was much more confident and I could see that he carried a lot more speed through the turns with his new cornering technique. I then showed him the top half of the trail, linking four tighter turns together. This involved him slowing down, and really focusing on the position his bike should be in, and also where to look when your vision is obstructed. After lunch, we looked at drops where I started by introducing a mental skills set. We then applied the same technique which we covered in the skills checks, and soon enough, he was landing perfectly off the largest of the three drops. We then worked on the bottom of the trail, linking drops into corners. I had to slow him down first in order for him to corner correctly, but before long he was flying off the largest drop here, controlling his speed and hitting the berm with speed and control. The tabletop was next, where I controlled his speed and gradually worked him further and further over it, until he was landing in the downslope perfectly. Our session ended on the steeps, where I showed him again how body position was a big factor in riding these with ease. Dropping in both straight and sideways became easy, but tiredness set in and our session came to an end.

Nice one Carlos, get forward and push that hand!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Alex returns for some more airtime



Alex came to me last year for some skills coaching, and he returned this afternoon to further his skills. I began by doing a quick cornering exercise, followed by the drops, to see what skills he had retained since our last session in the techniques that we teach. He still had excellent cornering from our last session, but discovered that he was starting to sit back in jumping mainly. Once I moved him over to the tabletop, I started to work on this. I kept changing his approach speed to try and get him to put more effort into his takeoff, therefore needing less speed to get over it. I moved him up the hill onto the pump and jump trail, where I had him pumping and jumping some different sections, ending up clearing a 9ft table, and then linking in the three berms and a larger fade away tabletop at the end. We worked in steeps next, as we skipped this last time, and I showed him how correct body position can make rolling down drop offs very simple. I even showed him dropping In sideways, which is the easiest way physically of doing it. We went back to the tabletop, as he wanted to conquer, and after a couple of runs over the table side, he rode the gap, landing beautifully on the down slope. I then showed him a larger gap jump which required him to carry speed through two corners first. After a few run ups he rode this comfortably. We then looked at a dirt gap with a steeper take off, and he followed me to get a judgement of his speed. Our session ended with me showing him some north shore, the first he had ever ridden, and riding a section of ladder into a ladder drop.

Nice one Alex, stand up!

Nath (@ukbikenath)


27th April jumps, drops and berms public session


Here are a selection of pictures and videos from today’s jump, drops and corners mountain bike coaching session.

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