XC skills

Tracey, Steve, Justin and Colin all ride together and wanted to see myself for mountain bike coaching to give them more control in their riding. The skills check showed that I would need to correct body positioning, footwork and also their looking skills as they wanted to get better at cornering. I surprised them by starting with the drop technique as that was something common in most singletrack trails and their new skills sets made a huge difference. We worked on absorbing and pumping as well aslinking one, then two and three berms together before moving to the singletrack trail.

The singletrack trail contains 14 sections and by the end of the session they were all linking them together smoothly and faster than they ever could have previously but most importantly, it was controlled.

Brilliant progress.



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Roald returns a third time



Roald had been to see both myself and Tony for some mountain bike coaching beforehand, and returned today to work on mainly his mental skills set. First I wouldn’t to work on perfecting the physical skills so he could have more confidence throughout his own riding.

We went through drops and tabletops to start with. I played around with his approach speed, and had him adjust his effort when performing either of these two techniques, which meant he could still land perfectly regardless of the section he speed which he carried through it.

We moved into the quarry and I showed him dropping off the steeper roll in, and using the bottom half of this steep section as a landing. These type of drops are where Roald told me he struggles mentally, but after a couple of run ups to double check approach speed and to make sure he had the correct line, he was flying off this and again landing perfectly.

We moved on to work on north shore, and this is where we spent the remainder of the session, I worked on Roalds mental skills when tacking high up, as well as narrow sections of wooden ladder, and wooden drops. By this point the heat of the day has gotten to him and we brought the session to an end.

Nice work Roald! See you again soon.

Nath (@ukbikenath)

A couple of hours with John


Today was the second time I have coached John and we worked on his ability to bunny hop and pop off jumps and drops and to move the bike in the air. The second part of the session will happen in the next few weeks but I wanted to post the pics and vids so far.


Nice one Johnny boy



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Greg and Scott 2-1 Session



Greg and Scott came for some mountain bike coaching today to work on there trail skills as well as jumping. I first had to see what skills they were missing, to make any corrections here, before moving on.

Today I decided to make the necessary corrections to cornering using the hillside, as it was easier for them to feel, and then we linked three berms together, to work further on speed management and looking. They began to feel the difference that this cornering technique made, and were both starting to flow between the sections. We then used the top half of the skills trail to exaggerate the technique on some tighter turns, and they also had to work more on looking here, as the trail became obstructed by trees.

After lunch, we worked on drops. I first let them use a speed they were comfortable at, to work on the technique, and then controlled it for them so that they had to adjust their effort to match a slower speed.

We moved straight onto tabletops. Again I worked on controlling speed for them both individually. Any trepidations were soon overcome and they were both sailing over the jump, landing perfectly on the other side.

Our session ended back on the trail we started on, but know they were able to add jumping to it. They then linked this with the three corners again and the larger tabletop at the bottom. Comments were made on how easy jumping now felt, and how you could still flow through the whole trail with speed.

Nice session guys! Greg, bend your knees, Scott, think about looking.

Nath (@ukbikenath)