Joe finds the rider within

Joe contacted us at ukbikeskills for mountain bike skills coaching after recommendations from his local Swindon mtb club.

I found an accomplished rider that was buried beneath some misinformation about riding mtbs.

We worked on applying his skills sets to the techniques I teach and then we rode a multitude of sections on two very different trails. Pumping, jumping, drops, rocks and different styles of corners were all worked on. The end of the session came after a few clears of Joe’s first ever gap jump.

Woop woop!


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Showing Oli the right path


Oli is 15yrs old and his parents wanted to get him a mountain bike  skills coaching session to develop his riding as he was too hit and miss and kept crashing.

I needed to work on body positioning and the all important mental skills and I could see from the word go that he was a gem of a rider but he didn’t realise it.

Below are the videos and pictures from the session.

Brilliant riding Oli and it was awesome to coach you



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James gets back in the air

James came to me wanting to get back to his jumping days of old and to develop judgement when doing jumps and drops. It was his cornering that really paid off once corrected.

Body positioning was the key component today and that left only the mental skills to work on.

The pictures and videos show what the session covered.

Awesome riding dude.


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Jamie’s 2nd skills session


Below are pictures and videos from Jamie’s second mountain bike skills coaching session with myself. Concentrating on fluidity through trails including linking multiple gap jumps too.

Brilliant session dude



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Jim meets his young self again

I find it impossible to describe sessions in real terms and today was no different. I need to work on the head fuck of gap jumps he said, Ok! I replied.


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