Judgement of distance with Adam


Adam returned for more coaching with myself and today was all about adjusting effort for speed/distance. He’d previously struggled , particularly when faced with gaps but by the end of the session was linking multiple gap jumps including a hip into  berm through  line and adjusting effort/speed accordingly.

Amazing improvement in such a short time dude.


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Al’s skills session

Al came to us on recommendation and the session began with the skills check. I needed to work on Al’s body positioning and looking skills and that is something that Al will continue with as homework.

We began with cornering on the flat and then through berms as well as pumping. We worked on riding singletrack smoother and using both mental and physical skills and applying them to the techniques required.

Flat, berms, off camber and switchback turns were linked to drops, steps, rocks and pumping undulations of the trail.

By the end of the day Al was even popping off small jumps on the pump trail too.

Today laid a great foundation to build his riding on in the future


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Welsh boys return


Paul, Ian, Lee and Leighton returned to build on their April session.

The skills check showed they needed more work in cornering and that left the mental aspect of jumping and drops.

Through the session the boys all used their mental skills to decide what to ride and I focused on them all individually. Lee and Paul worked hard on body positioning. Leighton (buzzard) , really had worked hard on the skills and that showed and I was able to get him to move the bike around in the air as well as develop his pumping .

Ian was already comfy getting air but needed work on linking multiple jumps together.

Amazing end to to brilliant weeks coaching.


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Five go mad in Hertfordshire

The red Lions of great Offley returned for and what a session it turned into. Jumps, drops, gaps, wallrides and bunny hops were all on the menu for today.

Jonny, Jason, Nemo, Monty and Tom all arrived buzzing and once I had corrected the errors in their physical skills that left the mental skills to apply.

The pictures and videos speak for themselves.



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Tweaking Matt’s skills

Matt is 23yrs old and has been riding since he was a kid. He was bought the session as a xmas gift voucher and today was the day.

Matt wanted to work on being more fluid in his riding when linking sections on a trail together and also to find out why he struggles with right hand turns.

I corrected the physical skills errors before working on the mental skills that saw him judging distance for effort when jumping a 6ft tabletop and that applied through out the session. Berms were now enjoyable and he could feel himself accelerate through turns in both directions. I was also able to work on his style when in the air too!

Awesome session Matt and I’ll see you soon.



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