Mark brings his riding mates along


Mark came to myself for mountain bike skills coaching five years ago and return along with his riding mates for more development. During the session I corrected their physical skills sets and that left the mental skills, that they would apply throughout the session.

Drops were first, then tabletops. We worked on pumping undulations on the trails to gain speed and worked hard on cornering.

I then worked on the mental skills aspect when jumping gaps and by the end of the session they were riding 6ft, 7ft, 9ft gaps as well as a banked wall ride.

High5 guys!


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Alex and Andy wanted to work on jumps and cornering

Below are pictures of Andy and Alex’s session where they wanted to focus on jumping and cornering. The session built up slowly and by the end they were linking a line of gap jumps together and railing three berms sweetly.



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Rich, Chris and Elliot’s session



Today we worked on a mixture of cornering, dropping and jumping. There cornering techniques came on massively, and mental questions were answered when it came to clearing tabletops and gap jumps. Nice one guys!

Nath  (@ukbikenath)



Gemma and Matt’s session


Heres some pictures from today’s session. We had to delay the start due to rain, but turned out to be a great session. Nice one guys!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Tunnel hill trolls return


I have coached Mike, John and Rich before and they wanted to return for various reasons. Some crashes for Mike and Rich had knocked confidence and created doubt and Johnny just needed to be tweaked to enhance his skills. I began with the set ups and skills check and the session consisted of working on positioning and effort instead of relying on speed to get air time. Drops to 3ft were first and John was already bringing style into the mix which I was able to enhance more and Mike began popping and sailing further with less effort than he ever thought possible. Rich as ever , took it step by step and was soon sailing into the air. I worked on jumping and pumping and carrying speed through multiple sections of a trail. Throughout the session I worked on them applying their mental skills to everything. Linking jumps together and getting used to bigger jumps and more air. Mike jumping the 7ft gap jump he saw when he got out the car in the morning and clearing it at the end of the session shows how relaxed and fluid his riding had become and the smiles on mikes and Rich’s faces made the session even more enjoyable for me too.

Brilliant riding guys and let me know how the riding goes in future.


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Short session with Dave




Dave only had a limited amount of time for his session today, and I managed to cover quite a fair amount with him before he had to leave, as you can see from the pictures above

Nath (@ukbikenath)