Denis’s one to one session

Denis is 14yrs old and was brought the session as a birthday present. I worked from his feet upwards and correct the physical skills before working on the mental skills. Immediately he felt more controlled and his confidence grew. He rode his biggest drop and his first ever gap jump during the session. The greatest improvement was in his cornering and by the end of the session he was linking all techniques together smoothly and with a control he’d never had previously.

High5 dude!


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Working on Nick’s Skills


The rain stopped about half an hour into our session today, which meant the ground was slippery, which really enforced what I was showing Nick to do. We covered cornering, jumping, dropping, steeper drop offs and bunny hops. Great session Nick!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Ben’s mountain bike skills session

Ben came to me upon recommendation and I started with bike check and found his bikes pivots were worn pretty badly and it was touch and go whether to go ahead with the session. We decided to go ahead and see if it got worse which it did but not before we’d had a full on session of pumping, cornering, drops and jumps. All of which blew Ben’s mind at how simple his riding now felt.

Awesome session dude, get that bike sorted and let me know how the riding goes.


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Blair’s one to one session


Blair came to me wanting to get better overall in his riding and the skills check showed I needed to correct footwork, looking and body positioning. This is not something that can be rushed and it took time to gradually piece Blair’s riding back together. We worked very hard on cornering and getting into the air.

By the end of the session he was flowing through berms nicely and taking jumps of choice sweetly. Work on the points I said dude.



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Putting the science back into Phil’s riding

Phil has had mountain bike skills coaching previously but not with ourselves at uk bike skills. I ran him through my skills check and discovered the missing physical skills that needed correcting before I could work on the mental skills. He said he’d love to get his wheels off the ground, and the look on his face when I said I’d do that in half an hour was one of very much doubt. I was out by ten minutes as 20mins after we’d began He was flying and boy did it build on from there. Jumps, berms, drops, Steeps and pumping were all done using the skills sets . I’ll let the pictures and videos speak for the session.

High5 Phil!


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Angie, Richard, Andy, Clive, Steve and Richmond’s session


Angie, Richard, Andy, Clive, Steve and Richmond arrived as arranged and Mark, who was injured before the day came along to watch and learn too. I identified the missing physical skills before applying the mental skills to various things found commonly on trails. We moved from drops to jumping tabletop and a couple even rode the gap jump side. Cornering was what blew them away most as they were soon railing through berms faster and with more control than they thought possible. We worked on steep drop offs as well as linking drops into corners too.

What an incredible session to end a fantastic week of coaching for myself and nathan.


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