More Isle of Wight riders

Paul, Matt, Darren,Paul and Stu made the trip over to work on getting airtime and also to learn to corner and carry speed down trails.

What a session this turned into. They are made of different stuff on the island.




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Martin and Rob find their missing skills


MArtin and Rob came to me with backgrounds in bmx and skateboard and I needed to uncover this for them to draw upon. Once I had corrected their missing physical skills, it left the mental skills. Jumps, drops and corners they wanted to learn. Ok I said.


High5 guys!


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Andy and Steve return


Today was their second mountain bike coaching session and I wanted to bring them on further using their mental skills for jumps and drops.

Amazing session guys


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19/10/15 public jumps, drops and berms session

Below are pictures fro today’s session. Thanks for listening guys!




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Karl’s session

Karl has been to see me before for mountain bike coaching and today was about cornering and also pulling apart his jump technique and rebuilding it. I worked hard on the session but not as hard as Karl, who by the end of the session was pumping and carrying speed through turns and using the gained speed to link a line of tabletops together.



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