Dom, Paula, Mark, Si and Alex’s group session

Dom, Paula, Mark, Si and Alex arrived for their session wanting to work on jumps, drops and corners and maybe steep drop offs. Before I could work on the techniques required I had to correct their physical skills. Once corrected, we began working on the mental skills set and applying it to the techniques they wanted to learn. God I love coaching mountain bike skills.

Brilliant session ending in a pint at the local pub.


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Ben and Simon’s new skills

Simon and Ben arrived having ridden for thirty years previously and wanted to learn to maybe jump, do drop offs and corners. Once I had corrected their missing skills , it became simple for them and below are the pics and vids from the session.



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Skills Session for 6 Friends



Pictures from from today’s session with these guys. We managed to avoid the rain for the first half of the session, but got a bit wet after that. However great improvements where made by all, and we finished off in the pub.

Nice one guys!

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Russell’s session

Russell came over from the Isle of Wight for mountain bike skills coaching  to work on his xc skills. What a session it was as Russell discovered the kid inside and was railing through turns, linking drops into corners. He rode steeper stuff than he thought possible and also was jumping.

Amazing session dude.


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