Mark and Ben’s skills session

Mark has been coached by myself four years ago and wanted to return to do it with his mate Ben, who races xc at their local thetford series.

I needed to work on body positioning and looking skills as well as showing Mark why he felt a lack of confidence when turning right.

Below re pictures and videos of them doing what thye hoped to learn and doing it simply.



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Maddie’s one to one


Maddie arrived for her mountain bike skills coaching session with time to spare so I wasted no time in running her through the skills check where I found body positioning and looking errors. I then needed to work on her mental skills as Maddie wanted to work on airtime predominantly. Below re the pics and videos from the session.



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Windy session with Stewart



Despite today’s wind, it turned out to be a great session with Stewart. We started out with skills check, and then went through jumping and dropping. We worked on cornering, steeper sections and larger gap jumps. Nice one Stew

Four go mad from Dorset

I have coached Dave 4 yrs ago and he returned with his friends Liam, Lynne and Jim for more.

The wind made jumping tabletops a no go but we were able to work on air from drops, linking drops into turns, cornering and trail fluidity.

What an awesome end to a great weeks coaching




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Dan’s return to confidence


It’s been four years since Dan came to me for mountain bike skills coaching and he said he had lost confidence as he had not ridden much etc.

I found that the basis for his lack of confidence was he was looking down and backing away as a result. I corrected these issues and then we applied his renewed skills sets to the techniques we at uk bike skills teach.

By the end of the session Dan was cornering and jumping like a dream and loving it.

High5 dude!


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Working on Nic’s missing skills

Nic contacted me for mountain bike coaching wanting to work on gaining height from jumps and the skills check showed why he struggled before. I needed to move his positioning and work on looking massively. That left only the mental skills.

When applying his new skills set, drops suddenly felt easier and more controlled and he began finding that elusive pop he’d been after. During the session we worked on cornering , which he got smoother and way faster than ever before and we linked drops into corners as well as linking jumps in succession. Pumping became simpler as well as judging speed for gaps. He now needed less speed as the technique blossomed.

Five hours of coaching a rider who was on a journey to find the answer he felt he was close to but could find.

Amazing session



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