Catherine’s confidence building session

Catherine always felt jumping in and riding trail centers with her riding mates was a bit beyond her and she always felt at best, uncomfortable riding them. Catherine contacted myself wanting to work on both mental and physical aspects of her riding and I was able to draw on her triathlon and snowboarding experiences to assist me too.

Cather said she walked around berms previously, so I began with cornering and soon she was making the attachments to snowboarding as she carved her way down a hil. We moved to berms and pumping undulations on a trail. Two hours into the session and Catherine said she has never ever been through turns as fast as today.

We worked on getting her wheels into the air and once gain, she used her snowboarding pop and it all felt familiar to her.

We covered linking berms together, drops, drop offs and riding steep terrain using her new physical skills set.

What a cracking way to end a brilliant year of coaching for myself and Nathan at ukbikeskills.




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The winds of change blow for John’s skills set


John had his session delayed twice previously due to high winds but today was the day. We worked on body positioning in jumping and in cornering and when linking sections together.

It didn’t take long for the bmx boy in him returned and John was riding tabletops and gap jumps , I was even able to work on his style in the air too.

Brilliant work dude.



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Enhancing trail control

Husband and wife David and Alison wanted to come to myself for mountain bike skills coaching after being recommended by their friend Anna. During the session I corrected their looking, footwork and body positioning and that led nicely to their mental skills sets. They got comfortable air from drops, linked steep drop offs into corners and worked on berm riding and pumping. What an awesome way for us at ukbikeskills to end the weeks coaching.



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Mike and John’s jump session

John and Mike are in their fifties and have recently taken up mountain biking and wanted to learn to ride berms and to get air. I worked on looking and body positioning and by the end of the session they were railing turns and jumping a 6ft gap jump too!

amazing progression dudes.




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David discovers what was missing

David came to me for mountain bike skills coaching and remarked that he had done really small jumps and had never rode a gap jump but one day would want to.

The skills check and set up change showed myself and David his missing skills and i worked all session on correcting his body positioning and that led into the mental skills too.

Brilliant session with an awesome sixty odd year old kid on a bike.


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Matt finds the truth again

Matt was bought a gift voucher for his session as his girlfriend had picked up on endless hints. Matt came to me for coaching after feeling like the previous coaching he’d had never worked. I asked what he’d like to get from the session and he said he’d like to clear a small tabletop by the end………… Well the pictures say it all.




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