Dan, Lee, Jordan and Daniel’s session

Dan, Lee, Jordan and Daniel arrived s arranged for their session and the skills check revealed the areas that needed work in their skills sets. Collectively, I Need to work on their body positioning, footwork and looking skills and then the all important mental skills. The lads wanted to work on airtime and getting more fluid in their trail riding, including turns. I think the pictures tell the story of the day very well indeed.




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Hank, James, Rob and Richard’s skills session

Hank, James, Rob and Richard wanted to learn to jump. The session began as always with a skills check and I adjusted their set ups. I found they collectively needed work  on body positioning and looking and then the all important mental skills. Their cornering was something I worked on and they were soon railing turns and linking corners together. drops and jumps were next and by the end of the session they were all jumping a 9ft gap jump!

Cracking session guys, high5!


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Stephen came today to work on overall bettering his trail skills and bike control, after the skills check, we spent the morning working on cornering, and linking berms together. Body position and looking was all Stephen needed, and he could feel the difference this made. We also worked on drops today, combining effort and speed to get the end result of a perfect drop.

Nice work Stephen!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Karla and Nick’s prep session

Karla and Nick have only just began mountain biking and wanted coaching from myself after recommendations from their friends , as they have entered the trans Alps race in the summer.

I did my skills check and found that I needed to work on their body positioning and looking skills as well as  their mental skills. Through the session we covered getting airtime from drops, rode berms, pumped trails, Rode steps, rocks and linked sections of trails together as I worked on their fluidity. We even rode a near vertical drop off. Both Karla and Nick applied their mental skills to decide what to ride or not so the session remained controlled.

Awesome progress guys, high5!


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Mark and Tom’s drop, jump and berms session


Body positioning was the watch word of the session and removing any bad habits in their riding before working on the mental skills. They wanted to work on jumping further and also gaps. By the end of the session ,they were linking jumps, berms and gaps.

Cracking day with amazing weather.




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Adam’s session

Adam came to me after recommendations from some riders at Woburn . I found he needed looking and body positioning worked on and a small correction to his set up help this.

We worked on cornering and  also jumps and drops. We ended prematurely as he split his tyre .

Brilliant progression anyway dude



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