Polishing Tims skills set


Great progress from Tim today. We worked mainly on his jumping and dropping, making him more consistent, and then later worked on cornering, which he picked up quickly and could feel the difference it made.

Nice one Tim!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Neil finds the truth in his riding

Neil has been coached elsewhere before and wanted to come to us at Uk bike skills to work further on his riding. The skills check showed looking and body positioning needed work. The session was spent predominantly on cornering and carrying speed, then gaining speed through turns. Later, I demonstrated pumping and Neil then linked pumping undulations of trail into three berms.

We ended our session after applying the physical and mental skills sets to the drop technique. Neil was blown away at how simple all his riding had suddenly became.



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Five go mad from Ipswich

Martin, Mark, Andy, Rick and Simon arrived as arranged and they all wanted to develop their jumping and drops techniques as they had some near misses over the years and their riding had plateaued. The skills check showed the physical skills that I needed to work on and then I set to work.

Through the session we worked on drops, jumping an isolated 6ft tabletop and gap jump , berms and also linking jumps together.

By the end of the session they were clearing jumps to 14ft and linking gap jumps too.

Brilliant session guys.



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Jannie and Tony’s session

Jannie and Toy wanted to share a session as the couple ride together . They wanted to learn how to get air and also to corner better too.

I corrected their footwork and body positioning and then they really flew.

Brilliant session with a lovely couple.



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Filling in the gaps in Richard’s riding


Richard has had a few offs in recent times and it affected him. The skills check showed me that he had body positioning to correct before i could work on his mental skills. Once corrected, he could feel the difference and his cornering and jumping felt simpler and easy.

High5 dude!


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