XC Skills with Sue


Was cool to help Sue with some cross country skills today, we worked on cornering, jumping, dropping, steeper sections and how to ride over obstacles that may appear on the trail.

Nice work Sue, let me know how the race goes Sunday!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Matt re learns to fly

Matt came to me after recommendation from Simon at nirvana cycles. Matt had had a big crash and lost confidence in his jumping and also wanted to work on cornering. The pictures show the progression through his session and we went from drops to jumping tabletops, gaps, linking jumps on a trail and linking gap jumps too. Footwork footwork footwork is the word of the day.

Nice riding Matt



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Mike’s one to one session


Mike wanted to learn to get air. Jumps and drops were his focus and once I had corrected his missing skills, we moved through the drop technique, jumping tabletops and gaps, riding corners with control and pumping.

The session developed quickly and Mike was riding his first ever gap jump before the morning had finished and the session went on from there.

Brilliant ridng dude



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Enter the Romanians

Roman, Tavi, Adrian and honorary Romanian Ben 🙂 arrived as arranged and once I had corrected their physical skills i was able to develop Ben’s riding from our last session together as well as move the others on.

Jumping and cornering was top of their lists. Ok I said………………………………….

I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.



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Father and Son jump their riding on further

Harry and his dad Mike came for coaching wanting to bring their riding on even though they were both at different levels. Mike had never jumped or been able to get a wheel into the air let alone a tabletop and Harry needed to refine his jumping as he relied on speed.

The session was awesome, consisting of cornering, drops, jumps, gaps and linking sections of trails together.

It’s all about the jedi skills.



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Rob, Ben, Sam and Spencer’s air time session


Rob, Ben, Sam and Spencer have started mountain biking after riding bmx years ago and wanted to work on jumping and drops and didn’t realise how important cornering would be.

Once I corrected their skills sets we applied them to drops, tabletops, berms and they all rode their first gap jumps too.

Brilliant session with amazing guys.


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Singletrack skills public session

Below are the pictures from today. I worked on installing their missing skills and then we applied them to various sections on the trails. Simplicity is they key.



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