mark’s one to one


Mark has wanted to see myself for mountain bike coaching for a few years and finally got around to booking a session. Body positioning and looking were the words of the day as we moved through techniques I teach and applied them to jumps, drops, berms, pumping etc..Mark even rode his 1st ever gap jump too.

Proper fun session dude



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Stu returns with Keith and Dan


Massive progression with these guys today, the weather was all over the place today, but despite that they all made some massive improvements. Nice one guys, let me know how it goes!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Neil and Simon wanted to learn to jump!

Neil and Simon wanted to learn to jump as any time previously they had tried they had got it all wrong. In fact , even drops and corners were something they struggled with so I built the session around this. Body positioning and looking skills were missing and then i worked on their mental game.

Brilliant progression guys.



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David’s one to one session

David thought himself a beginner but it wasn’t long before I had corrected his missing physical skills that he was able to draw on experience from other sports to apply them to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach.

Jumps, drops, pumping and cornering were all covered and the difference in his riding afterwards was obvious.

Brilliant start to the coaching week.



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Russell Returns for XC Skills


Russel races XC, and came for a session towards the end of last year, and he returned today to work further on his skills. We did a lot of work on cornering, perfecting that technique from last time, and using the skills trail to really exaggerate this. We also looked at bunny hops, switch backs and pumping.

Nice one Rus, good to see you again!

Nath (@ukbikenath)