Fiona and Johnny’s session

Fiona and Johnny came to me to develop their skills further. I identified body positioning and looking needed work and that left the mental skills later on.

We began with drops and used the same technique for jumping and they both found it simple and effective. Gap jumps were next before lunch and onto cornering. By the end of the session they were riding a 14ft tabletop line and Fiona was clearing it whilst Johnny knew why he was struggling for distance. Pumping, berm riding, jumping multiple sections were all worked on in a brilliant progressive session.


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Steve and Ged’s session


Despite not having the best weather conditions, some great improvements where made by both of you today. Think looking Steve, and push your hand Ged! Hopefully bump into you somewhere in the mountains.

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Lee returns

Lee came to me for coaching last year and a long break from riding due to work saw him wanting to re affirm his skills et and then maybe develop it further. Body positioning and the mental skills were worked on and then we applied them to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach to various sections on trails. Jumps, drops, cornering, steeps and gap jumps were all ridden and the pics speak for themselves.

High5 Lee!


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Simon and Matt’s two to one session


Simon and Matt wanted to work on cornering and their jump technique. The skills check showed looking and body positioning needed correcting and then I could work on their mental skills too.

Drops, jumps, pumping and gap jumps were all covered through the session and the pictures speak for themselves



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