Liz and Ben’s session

Liz and Ben had been to coaching elsewhere previously but it never seemed to make sense to them and they struggled with it all. Their path led to us at ukbikeskills and on meeting them, I explained the outline of a skills set and what was involved and then set to work. I worked from the feet up on them and soon they were in a different positioning entirely on their bikes.

Drops and jumps were first on the menu and the look on Liz’s face when she flew for the first time was a picture. On jumping tabletops they once again flew and Ben even rode his first ever gap jump. Cornering was next and that really made the difference. By the end of the session they were pumping, jumping, dropping and railing turns with more control than ever and faster too. More importantly, they knew why too.


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Pre Alpine coaching

Mike, Richard, Ted and Bob wanted a tune up before their holiday in Morzine. I ran them through the skills check and found body positioning and looking needed work. Then we applied their corrected skills sets to various sections. Jumps, berms, drops, Gaps and pumping were all covered. Brilliant progression and smoother riding was the result of the session.

High5 guys!


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Stu, Adrian, Gareth and Leigh’s session

The guys arrived as arranged and the skills check showed me the physical skills that needed working on and then that left the mental skills. They wanted to learn to corner faster and smoother and maybe to jump too.

The session saw then riding drops, jumps and gaps and riding along a trail pumping and cornering and linking everything together. A fantastic session ended with a cold beer in the local pub.


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Trev, Ed and Justin’s session

The lads came to me via recommendation from a rider at swinley forest. They explained they would like to learn to jump and corner to prepare them for bike park wales etc.

Footwork and looking, followed by adjusting their body positioning were first and then we applied their new mental skills to various sections out on the trails.

A brilliant session unfolded and we had a good laugh too.



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