Sevinc and Rob’s confidence blossoms

Sevinc and Rob came to me to gain confidence in their riding and the foundation for that lays in control. I adjusted their set ups and changed foot and body positioning all before applying a skills set to the techniques I teach.

We covered drops, rock gardens, cornering and jumping small jumps on a trail. A brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching



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Murray’s one to one

Murray wanted to learn to corner better and maybe to get some air . The skills check showed me that he had some good habits but a body positioning error held him back.

The session began with drops and then to  cornering and carrying speed through some singletrack. Later we worked on jumping, pumping and berm riding. The session seemed to fly by and Murray called an end to the session as he was making daft errors through tiredness.


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Four go mad in Hertfordshire

We have coached Ben and Chris previously and they wanted to do another session with their riding buddies Nigel and Jim and also push their riding on too.

They wanted to work on their cornering weaknesses and also learn to fly. Drops, jumps, berms and gap jumps were all ridden and the mental skills sued to decide whether to ride something or not. A brilliant session unfolded as the pics show.


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Tuning Ian and James’s riding

Ian received a voucher as a xmas gift and James, his son joined him on the session. The skills check revealed the missing skills and I set about correcting them. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they’d be jumping a 6ft gap jump but soon, as the skills sets were being applied they began to easily get airtime. Drops to 1 meter high followed by the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. It was cornering however that the changes really shone through as they used their skiing muscle memory to rail through berms faster and with more control than ever.

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The return of Steve

I coached Steve two years or more ago and he wanted to return to work on some glitches that had crept into his riding. I worked on his positioning in the air and also in turns. The heat and wind on the day didn’t deter us as we moved through jumping tabletops, gaps drops and even got on some woodwork too.

Overall a brilliant session and Steve now has new stuff to work on for his homework.


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Kai, Steve and Paul’s session

Kai, Steve and Paul came to me after Nathan had coached Kai and she wanted to push her riding on further and share the whole thing with her riding buddies. I worked on the mental skills as well as the physical skills and the session unfolded. Corners were ridden with control and that meant speed. drops, tabletops and gap jumps too were all ridden in the hottest day of the year so far. All three of them left a better rider and with a greater understanding of why its right but also when and why it’s wrong in any section.



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