Alliance mtb’s session

Steve and Chris came to me for some more coaching to tidy up their skills sets and work on the mental skills. We worked hard on positioning and looking skills and applied them to drops, jumps, berms, gaps, linking jumps and gaps too. A brilliant session unfolded and the guys left buzzing and confident in the new riding level.


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Husband and wife share a skills session

Marc and Maya are husband and wife and Marc wanted to share his love for mtbing with Maya but wanted to get her skills sets in place as well as pushing his riding on too.

During the session, We applied their corrected skills sets to cornering, rock gardens, drops, jumping, pumping and even gaps. I pieced the sections together one by one after working on each individual technique and section. By the end of the session they were riding the pump and jump trail and cornering and choosing when and why to get into the air or not.

Brilliant progression, High5!

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Kevin tidies up his skills

Kevin has had a series of crashes and wanted to find what was wrong in his riding skills set. I found footwork and body positioning were in need of work and later looking too.

We worked on drops, beginning to add style, jumps, gaps , pumping and cornering. Bit by bit Kevin’s riding was pieced back together and he was flying. Awesome riding dude.



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Nigel and the Hertford crazy gang

Nigel, Errol, Harry, Chris, John, Adrian and Kevin arrived for their session after we had to delay it back in the winter due to high winds. The sills check showed me the areas that needed work and the session consisted of working on techniques they will need on the local trails and beyond.

Jumps, drops, drop offs, cornering and dis connecting bunnyhops all were worked on and the boys got faster as their skills sets embedded.

A brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching, high5!

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Robin’s one to one skills session

Robin was given the session as a voucher and today was the day that his riding would change for good.

I adjusted his set up and worked on positioning , footwork and looking. He said he’d like to do jumping and maybe gaps as he is scared of them. Well, the pics show the improvements from being unable to jump to soaring into the air. I also worked on applying both mental and physical skills on cornering too and by the end of the session he was flowing sweetly through a trail, jumping,pumping and railing berms.


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