Natalie and mark’s session

Mark and Nat are husband and wife and they wanted to work on getting into the air on their bikes. The skills check showed me what they had already and where I needed to work and I set to work.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.


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Simon and Cam’s two to one session

Simon has been to myself for coaching previously and Cam wanted to attend after reading feedback on various forums. The skills check showed me the areas that needed work in their skills sets and I set to work. The session saw them riding berms, drops and jumps easier and simpler than ever and also rode 6ft, 7ft and 9ft gap jumps too!

A brilliant session with two cool guys. High5!

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Wayne gains control

Wayne wanted to get rid of his hit and miss style of jumping and actually find out why it sometimes goes very wrong for him. I needed to work predominantly on his body positioning and the all important mental skills too.

What a session it turned out to be as wayne rode 6ft to 14ft tabletops and linked them all as well as rode 6ft, 7ft and 9ft gap jumps too.

Great progression and he knows why it it wrong or right now. High5!

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From Cheltenham

Matt, Andy, Richard and Matt made the journey across to Hertfordshire after recommendation from Andy, whom I have coached before. The extreme weather forecasted didn’t really materialise and the session went ahead with the skills check. Body positioning and looking were in need of correction and then we applied the skills to the techniques I teach on the trails. Jumps, Drops, Gaps and corners were all worked on and a brilliant session unfolded.

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Nicole and John get some skills


Nicole and John came to myself via recommendation. They wanted to gain control and confidence in their riding ad the skills check showed the errors that were holding them back.

I worked heavily on body positioning and footwork before adding looking into the mix. Drops and airtime was suddenly a thing to be enjoyed , not scared of and their cornering went through the roof speed wise.

A brilliant session with an awesome couple.


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Peter finds the rider inside

Peter has contacted me a few times over the years and it was a birthday present from his wife that brought him finally to myself.

The skills check showed me the areas that needed work and I set to work correcting the missing physical skills before working on the mental skills.

Cornering and pumping was first and in the heat of the day, Pete was visibly faster and more controlled in berms and his pumping and absorbing was getting better too.

We took a welcome break from the mid thirties heat and we continued with drops and jumps. Peter was clearing a 6ft tabletop easily by the end of the session and rounded it off with a flowy run down the pump and jump trail, linking the triple berm section sweetly as he did so.


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