Morten’s mental game just improved

Morten came to myself for coaching after finding himself scared after a series of crashes leading to him breaking his leg whilst attempting to jump. I needed to work on the mental skills but not before I corrected his missing physical skills. I adjusted his set up and position and then we applied the new skills to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach.

Drops suddenly became easier and jumping a 6ft tabletop felt like he’d been doing it for years.A 6ft and 7ft gap jump too sailed beneath his wheels and not to mention his carrying speed through linked berms!

Awesome session dude.


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Luke can now jump

Luke wanted to learn to jump and do drops and came to me for mountain bike coaching. I discovered that he needed his set up adjusted and that he was using his body incorrectly in turns and in other techniques.

The session grew from 6 inch drops to nine foot gap jumps and we had an awesome time sharing the day together.

Brilliant session, high5!

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Five go mad from the Mendips

Simon, Natalie, darren, Andy and Dom came to me after recommendation . I adjusted set up and the skills check showed the areas that needed correcting physically before I could work on the mental skills .

Drops, jumps, steep drops offs, berms and various other turns were all covered during the session. FAntastic progress was made by all and we had a good laugh and great coffee along the way 🙂


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Simon learns to fly further

I coached Simon back in April and he wanted to return to work on jumping further and judging distance for gap jumps. We began with drops and added style into the mix so that later on, he’d have more time to style it over larger jumps. The session went on to cover linking large tabletops together to 14ft and to jump 6ft , 7ft and 9ft gap jumps with style.

Awesome progression dude.


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Matt’s skills session

Matt came to uk bike skills after seeing recommendations on facebook. Matt wanted to finally learn how to jump and do drops comfortably as even though he’s ridden for over twenty years he never got the hang of it and found it scary.

I corrected him from his feet upwards and pieced his skill set back together so he knew when and why it was correct in a section.

Berms, drops, jumps and gap jumps were all ridden and linked together during a tiring but awesome progression session.


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Del gets up-skilled for mtbing

Derek came to myself via recommendation and the skills check showed that I needed to correct a bad habit in his turns and also in other techniques. Once I had adjusted his set up ,we worked on applying the mental skills too.

Drops were first then we moved to a 6ft tabletop and very quickly the jump sailed beneath him and he was landing perfectly on the downslope. Derek then used his mental skills to decide to ride the 6ft gap jump too. It didn’t stop there. Through the session Del linked berms together and gained speed through them all, jumped and linked jumps of greater size as well as riding 7ft and 9ft gap jumps. All in all , a rad session.


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