Tom, Sue, Val and Colin Saturday Session




Great session guys, Tom, keep your pelvis forward and remember your feet. Sue, keep your head up. Val, remember your feet and keep your pelvis forward, and Colin, practise being more explosive!

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Richard finds his wings

Richard has a background in triathlon and has recently wanted to fine tune his mountainbiking. He never dreamed he’d be doing the things we were today but as his skill set was corrected , he simply flew!

A brilliant session to end a cracking week for uk bike skills


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Eddie flys

Eddie wanted to gain confidence in his jumping as he’d never cleared a tabletop before and has crashed a few times trying. the skills check showed the areas that needed work in his physical skills and then I worked on his mental skill set.

Drops, jumping tabletops and gaps of 6ft and 7ft all flew beneath his wheels as well as cornering through berms way faster than he’d ever done too.

A fantastic session with a really nice bloke.


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