Adam’s one to one session

Adam wanted to develop his riding further and once I had corrected his missing physical skills we moved through sections found on the trails and applied them along with the mental skills too. Drops, cornering, pumping, tabletops, gaps and linking jumps were all covered and Adam’s riding got better and better until mental fatigue crept in and he called an end to the session.

Rad session, high5!

Anita’s one to one

Anita arrived as arranged and I ran her through the skills check where I find what’s missing in the riders physical skill set and adjust their set ups accordingly. I changed Anita’s body positioning and that had a chain reaction. We then applied the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach to various sections out on the trails. Drops, jumps, pumping and cornering were all covered and the change in her riding was easy to see. By the end, Anita was riding faster and more confidently than ever.


Ralph and Ian return and bring John too

I have coached Ralph and Ian previously and they wanted to return to build on the session from a couple of years ago and bring their riding buddy John along too.

They wanted to get comfortable in the air as a few trips to places like bike park Wales saw them feeling out of control when faced with jumps and drops. The skills check showed the areas that needed correcting and the session built up from their. By the end of the session they were cornering faster and smoother, riding drops and jumping tabletops and gap jumps to 9ft! A brilliant session to end a fantastic weeks coaching at Ukbikeskills.



Ebike Neil’s session

Neil is 67yrs old and rides an ebike to keep him out in the woods for longer and therefore his enjoyment is greater. I have coached him before and today was about building on that.

He wanted to comfortably clear obstacles and maybe even a tabletop. Well, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.


Five friends share a private session

Andy, Jules, Gill, Marcus and Scott arrived as arranged and The skills check showed me the areas that needed work. I worked hard on body positioning and footwork before adding looking so they had enhanced control in the techniques we teach.

Overcoming obstacles on the trail like logs etc was first and they were surprised at the simplicity of it. from there we worked on cornering, riding rocks, berms, drops and jumps. Andy and Scott even rode the 6ft gap jump too.

even though they were in different places mentally and physically in the riding, I was able to progress each of them by simplle adjustments to their skills.

A brilliant session with a great bunch.

Ps, sorry I lost some of the pics somehow 🙁