Ben’s one to one skills session

See Ben wanted to learn to jump and as an experienced snowboarder,  I was able to use muscle memory from that to develop his skills set to jumping tabletops and gaps. His cornering was however the biggest change

Steve unearths the rider within

Steve wanted to jump and get over his fear of gaps possibly Ashwell he said. The skills check showed the physical errors in his ridings I then worked on those as well as the mental skills. Amazing progression as Steve was cornering faster and jumping further than ever before. A brilliant session dude. High5!

James’s one to one

James has ridden for years and wanted to find out why he struggled to jump and drop on trails and to perhaps get faster cornering.



public session jumps and drops 26/6/17

What an awesome public session that was!

below are the pics and some vids from the session.

Great riding guys and girls


Pete, Tash and Dave’s session

I have coached these guys a few years ago and they wanted to return to work on jumping and drops predominantly. I worked on foot position, body and looking and we applied the corrected skills sets to drops, jumping a small tabletop then moving to gap jumps and linking jumps together. Tash twisted her knee doing a less than graceful dismounted and sat out the rest of the session as a precaution but dad Pete and Dave continued. We linked corners together and even wallrides.

Awesome progression guys and Tash, I’ll see you again soon.


Changing Mike’s riding

Mike has had coaching elsewhere previously but wanted to develop his riding more and felt he was missing something. When asked, he said he wanted to work on cornering and jumping. I corrected his physical skills set and then worked on the psychological skills. By the end of the session he was coerning way faster than before, jumping and linking tabletops and gap jumps, riding alpine style switchbacks and wallrides. What an awesome session. Work on the skill set dude and let me know how it goes