Adrian’s one to one

I have coached Adrian before and his last visit was nearly three years ago. A busy family and work schedule meant Adrian hasn’t ridden much since our last session so today was about gradually bringing his skills sets back and working on his looking,As you can see in the first video. I worked on getting over obstacles on the trail, cornering, pumping and absorbing undulations of trail, Drops and jumps too.The hottest day in june for 40 years meant Adrian tiring more rapidly and after over four hours, mistakes began to creep in and our session came to a close.

Work on the skills dude and let me know how the ridng goes.



Graham returns to rebuild his riding

Graham was coached previously by myself and has since became a father and ride time got less and his skill set he felt, diminished. The skills check showed it was his looking that had dropped off and a little fault in his right turns needed correcting. We worked on linking jumps, gaps, wallrides, alpine style switchbacks and linking berms.

Sarah’s session

Sarah only started mountain biking in November last year and wanted to build the correct foundation in her riding. Today was all about correcting her physical skills  set and then working on applying the mental skills set. Sarah wanted to maybe be able to get air from drops so I started from there and built upon it.

Cornering was a huge change as she found speed through control and the mental challenge of riding a very steep drop off was overcome and ridden with ease too.

A brilliant session unfolded and the heat of the day really wore her down too but not before linking drops into corners.

Let me know how the riding goes Sarah.




Frankie’s second session

Frankie came to me for coaching last year and wanted to return for a one to one to build his confidence further. I worked hard on looking and his positioning and that brought the mental skills into play.

He couldn’t get the rear wheel of the ground he said but in a couple of minutes he was riding over large obstacles . We worked on his right hand turn weakness too. Drops, jumps, gaps, wallrides, steeps, switchbacks and berms were all ridden smoother and faster than before.

Brilliant riding dude



Mike’s one to one

Mike wanted to work on his cornering predominantly and prepare himself for his up coming alpine trip. I worked hard on his positioning in his riding as well as line choice and footwork.

by the end of his session he was riding steeps, switchbacks, berms, flat corners and drops with more control and speed. Awesome session Mike.


Varial Steve’s 4th session

Today’s session with Steve was all about bringing his riding along psychologically . I built on the foundations of our previous sessions and we covered lots of features including alpine switchbacks, linking jumps together, drops into step ups, drops from woodwork among other things.  fantastic session unfolded as the adrenaline grew in him. I think i’ll let the videos and pictures tell the story.