A family session

Craig and Christina and their 8yr old son Lucas came along for a session wanting to work on drops and jumps. I worked on correcting the physical skills before working on the mental skills sets too.

Through the session I demonstrated the application of the skills sets in various sections and trails and applying them to the techniques needed.

Dropd, tabletops, gaps, berms and pumping were all covered. It was a total pleasure to see them all improve so much.



Nicole and Adrian’s two to one mountain bike skills session

Nicole and Adrian wanted to gain more confidence in their riding and I explained that the answer lay in the physical skills. I adjusted foot position, body positioning and looking and then we applied the corrected skills to the techniques I teach out on the trails

Jumps, drops, corners, drop offs and pumping were all ridden. We also worked on riding multiple sections and choosing to pump or jump.


Nic and Mike have their eyes opened and skills buffed

What a great session it was today to end another awesome week of mountain bike coaching at ukbikeskills. Mike and Nic had seen and read lots of advice on jumping etc but it never made sense to them regardless of hours and hours of trying. Well, ten minutes into their session everything changed and they were blown away by the things they could ride by the sessions end.



Chris gains control

Chris came to myself to gain confidence in his riding and I explained that I first had to make good his physical skill set to give him control of the environment . A setup change helped this and we worked on applying the mental and physical skill sets to the techniques i teach.

Drops, Tabletops, gap jump, drop offs and cornering were all worked on and Chris grew faster through control of speed. It was awesome to see his riding develop so quickly.

Great riding dude, High5!

Dad and son get some skills

Andy originally booked a one to one but changed this as his son Alex wanted to come too.

I had to work on their footwork and body positioning foremost and then the mental skills. Cornering was something that really needed correcting as well as they both wanted to jump a tabletop for the first time.

Job done!


Tim’s journey of discovery

Tim came to myself after reaching a point in his riding where he felt he could improve but didn’t know how or why.

I adjusted his set up and worked on his footwork, looking and positioning. From there, it was all about his mental skills and applying them.

What a session.


Jumps and drops public session 21/8/17

Below are the pictures and videos I took during today’s public session. It feels awesome to enable riders to fly.