Gez’s first session

Gez came today for a one to one session before his return in 8 weeks for another session. Today was about reinstating his skills physically. I worked hard on his positioning and weighting through a variety of sections and techniques. Drops and jumps, gaps, woodwork , pumping and cornering. I think the pictures and videos below tell the story better than I

A family skills session

Nick and his two sons Sam and Louis arrived as arranged and dad Nick said he wanted to get over a serious crash jumping a year ago and to get his two boys on the right track with their riding.

The skills check showed us why he’d crashed and I knew how to rebuild his riding both physically and mentally. I had to do the same for his boys as they were present at the crash last year too.

By the sessions end, they were all jumping, dropping and berm riding with a big grin on their faces and a solid foundation in their riding.




Two brothers share a skills session

Matt and John are brothers and wanted to come to myself for mountain bike coaching to learn to jump. They explained they had never been comfortable in the air and have never bunny hopped either , no matter what they tried. Challenge accepted!

By the sessions end they were bunny hopping, cornering, riding drops, tabletops and even a gap jump too.  A cracking session with two kids who never grew up 🙂




Jumps and drops public session 14/08/17

Below are the pics and videos from a great session getting these riders comfortable with airtime from drops and jumps as well as a bit of cornering mixed in.


Colin finds his centre

Colin arrived wanting to iron out errors in his riding and get better at jumping as he always landed short on jumps or got twisted in the air. The skills check showed myself what needed working on and armed with that information I began correcting his skills set.

Drops, jumps, pumping,bunnyhops,  cornering and judging speed for distance of jumps as well as gap jumps were all on the cards today. What a session it turned into. A great session with a cool guy.




Bryony’s session

Bryony hasn’t been riding for more than a year but wanted to get some skills. I focused on positioning and looking through this session and we applied those skills to pumping, drop offs, cornering and getting into the air too. I was able to draw on her experiences in other sports too and her riding got faster as her control enhanced.

Cracking session B.