Mark’s one to one mountain bike skills session

Mark wanted to become more fluid in his riding and get his wheels into the air if at all possible. I first discovered what physical skills were missing and then applied the corrected skills to techniques. It wasn’t long before he was flying and also riding through corners smoother and faster than before.

Jon gets up skilled

Jon wanted some mountain bike coaching and eventually came to myself to see if I could make him more fluid on a bike and maybe get him jumping. Well, the skills check and set up adjustments told me what needed correcting and then we applied the skills to various trails and obstacles.

Cornering was something I really worked hard with him on as well as drops, jumps, tabletops, wallrides, steep drops and gap jumps. Another awesome friday!

Great riding dude and let me know how it all goes.




Pauls one to one

Paul came to me for his birthday present wanting to work on his erratic jump technique and I also discovered him to be very one sided in corners too.

Caroline’s skills session

Caroline is a world champion triathlete and wanted to gain control of her mountain biking as she only began this year. The skills check revealed the areas that needed work. I worked hard on her mental skills as well as the application of the physical skills to the techniques I teach. We laid a great foundation for her to build on after getting her wheels into the air for the first time and getting far more fluid in her turns, particularly her lefts!

Great session caroline, high 5!

Gareth finds his centre

Today’s session was all about using Gareth’s karate’ background and applying it to his mountain biking. Positioning was key here, as with all sports. The session then followed it’s own path from cornering drills to woodwork drops and everything between.

Brilliant progression dude.


Dave and Will’s skills session

Dave and Will came to myself via recommendation and wanted mountain bike coaching to work on berms and also airtime. I had to correct their missing skills before working on their mental skills. I then demonstrated at every point and we applied their corrected skills to various sections and trails. Boy, what a change in their riding by the end. Linking tabletops to 14ft, gap jumps to 9ft as well as railing through multiple berms.

Another rad friday to end the weeks coaching.