Ross gets some mountain bike skills coaching

Ross rode when he was younger but a good few years had passed and he took up mountain biking in April. After trying to follow advice on the web etc he eventually took his friends advice to come to myself for skills coaching.

He thought he would never ride the stuff he rode today but once I had corrected his physical skill set, all I had to do was work on the application of the mental skills. Everything changed very quickly. Drops, tabletop jumps, rock gardens, steep drop offs and cornering were all worked on oh and not to forget riding over obstacles like tree stumps etc.

Brilliant progression from Ross.



Mental skills coaching

I have coached Richard and Mark five years ago and they returned with the lord Mike for a session to remove any physical errors in their riding and to work on the head game.

Well, what can I say about today? Berms, pumping, drops, jumping tabletops and linking them. Gap jumps to 13ft too! It didn’t stop there. Woodwork drops and jumps as well as step up/step downs.

Brilliant session and fantastic progression from all three


The south coast suspension Berts

What a session this was to end a fantastic week of coaching for me. Grant from southcoast-suspension and the gang arrived on time and they al call each other Bert 🙂

The skills check showed myself and more importantly them the errors in their riding skills set. Armed with this information I began breaking their riding down and rebuilding it. Corners we railed, drops, jumps, gaps, drop offs, pumping and wallrides were all ridden and they chose what to ride using their mental skills that I teach too.

Brilliant session guys.


Maros’s one to one

Maros wanted to work on cornering and bunnyhops when asked what he wished to get from our session together. I worked on his looking and body positioning and the application of those skills to the techniques required. Bit by bit I pieced his riding skill set back together and by the end of the session he was more fluid along a trail, pumping, jumping and cornering smoother and that made him faster and faster.

Cracking session and i’m looking forward to coaching him again.


Father and son learn some more skills

Kie is 8yrs old and loves bmx and mountain biking and so does his dad Warren. I worked hard on body positioning in all aspects of their riding skill set and also the mental skills. I then pieced their riding together and boy what a change. Drops and jumps became simpler and easier for them. Also, cornering was smoother and faster. Pumping was another issue but soon that became better and better too.

By the end Kie was clearing the 14ft tabletop with a big smile on his face.


Giving Mike control

Mike was gifted a voucher for coaching from myself and I knew I had to give him control of the rear of his bike to counteract him losing the front wheel on drops etc. The whole session was about this and maintaining positioning through sections of trail. Steeps, drops, jumps, endos and drop offs all felt very different by the end of the session

Great riding dude