Ian finds the answers

Ian wanted to have a one to one mountain bike skills coaching session with myself and had a list of things he hoped to attain. I explained that once I correct his physical skill set and adjusted his bike set up all would become easier and clearer.

Ian had never got his front wheel into the air and the look on his face when I told him that soon he’ll get two wheels into the air was a picture. Soon that was happening and once he’d used his mental skills he moved to a larger drop and the same result of smooth , uncomplicated landings occured.

Cornering , rock gardens, linking drop offs into corners, steeper terrain and using a trails energy were all covered. By the end of the session he was even bunny hoping.



Lee learns to fly and stuff

I didn’t know how best to summarize this session but in a small space of time, Lee went from unsure and sketchy in jumping to solid and assured. I worked on correcting his skills ets first before applying them to the techniques required in mountain biking.

He wanted to learn to jump and drop and from the word go, everything changed for him. Everything felt more comfortable and easy he said.

Drops, tabletops, gaps, berms, pumping and wallrides all became simpler and easier. An amazing progression in a small space of time dude.


Fab friday’s continue

My friday sessions have been standout all year and today was no different. Paul, Ollie and Kev booked a private session for the three of them and wanted to gain airtime and anything else I thought they could learn. I worked on their missing skills and adjusted their set ups before showing them why a simple skill set applied to everything they wanted to do. The results speak for themselves as they were riding drops, jumping tabletops and gaps, pumping and cornering faster , smoother and with more control than they ever belived possible.

Brilliant riding guys


Duncan gains control

Duncan is a beginner when it comes to mountain biking as a change in lifestyle was needed in his life he felt and wanted to gain some idea of what and why to do anything whilst mountain biking. He found myself via recommendation from a facebook group and today was the day. He explained he’d never been able to get his front wheel into the air and found nothing online worked. I ran him through my skills check and adjusted his set up too. I had to work gradually on each physical skill and pieced his riding together slowly but very surely.

his face when he flew into the air and landed perfectly was a picture. I worked hard on his mental skills and through the session he applied these to decide what to ride. Drops, pumping and absorbing the trail to gain speed, drop offs and steep terrain were all ridden and boy oh boy could he now corner better than the stuttering turns he used to do.

Brilliant progress from a gentleman.


Mark’s session

Mark was bought a gift voucher for mountain bike coaching with myself arrived as arranged and the skills check showed the areas that needed work in his skills set. The session was cut short by his freehub seizing but not before we had worked on drops, jumps,berms and even gap jumping.

Ric from Slick and slide suspension’s session

Richard came to me wanting to overcome his absolute fear of getting his wheels into the air. The skills check showed me what I needed to correct in his physical skills and positioning and looking were paramount.

We then applied a mental skills set to various sections out on the trails. It wasn’t long before he was riding drops and then to his surprise a 7ft table top and gap jump. We worked on steeper terrain and drop offs and various ways of riding them before we took a break for coffee. When we resumed I worked on his cornering and linking berms together as well as jumping and pumping multiple jumps. I could see he was tiring but not before He was riding a wallride, something he found very scary to ride into, but using his new skills sets it was simple and easy for him.

Great riding dude. High5!


Gez, Steve and Nick’s private skills session

I coached Gez two months ago and he returned with his two riding buddies to enjoy another session and watch them improve and maybe push his skills on too.

Well, what a session that was. Drops, steeps, linking drops to jumps, gaps, tabletops, woodwork and cornering they applied the physical skills I teach and also the mental skills and the session was off the hook.

Great riding guys, high5!