Chris’s one to one skills session

When putting Chris through my skills check I could see that I needed to correct his footwork first and foremost and then positioning and looking would follow. I then demonstrated everything and we applied the new skills check to jumps, drops, cornering, pumping and linking jumps, including gaps.


Mike and Sara’s session

Sara and Mike arrived for their session wanting to work on their off road control and within that, cornering, getting over obstacles and also perhaps air time. The skills check showed they needed footwork, positioning and looking corrected and then we applied the techniques I teach to various sections of trail.



A beginners session

Peter and Kelly began mountain biking this year and Peter promptly broke his collar bone in the local woods. They searched for coaching and choose myself.

The skills check showed them why it all felt on the edge whenever they rode and I gradually pieced their riding together to give them both control of the new environment they are putting themselves in. Fantastic session with a lovely couple.


Youtube Dave’s session

Dave has been trying to learn from the internet how to ride a mountain bike for two years and eventually took the advice from people on his youtube channel to come to myself for coaching. As some of you will now, Dave broke himself three months ago trying a drop at the forstedt of dean so our session was delayed until today so I could change his riding and perception of what you should do .

I adjusted the set up and corrected his missing skills before gradually piecing his riding together. I cannot put into workds how I felt during this session as I witnessed Dave becoming the rider he was trying to find within himself.

I think I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

High5 Dave!!


Darren and Mark’s session

Darren and Mark came to me wanting to learn to do jumps and drops. I corrected their missing skills and gradually pieced their riding back together and gave them a frame work to work with forever in their riding. They’d never ridden a gap jump before but they rode gaps to 9ft across today. Mix that with vastly improved cornering and pumping and their riding really took off. Oh, and did I mention steep stuff?

Great session guys High5!

Natalie’s one to one

Natalie has had coaching in a few sports and wanted to come to myself for mountain bike coaching as her riding had plateaued after nine years. I asked Natalie what she wanted to get from the session and switchbacks and jumping were high on the list, so I set to work.

I corrected the physical errors in her skill set and then we applied these to the techniques I teach on the trails.

I think the photos speak for themselves as to how the session went!