One last skills session before Xmas

Rob took my last minute availability for my last session before xmas. He wanted to correct the errors in his jumping and the skills check showed the missing physical skills. I worked on his skills from his feet upwards and we applied these skills to the techniques I teach. Immediately, Rob looked and felt more comfortable on his bike and the small changes made a huge difference in his riding. Drops, jumps, pumping, steeps, and gap jumps were all riding and the mental skills were used to decide what to ride too.

A great session. High5!

From Brunei for a session

Shafiee was visiting his daughter over the xmas period and thought he’d get a one to one mountain bike skills coaching session with myself whilst over here. The skills check showed us both the errors in his skills set and I set about correcting these. It wasn’t long before he was riding drops with ease. We moved to jumping a small tabletop and from there to cornering, pumping, steeps and linking jumps together. The change in Shafiee’s riding was huge compared to the rider who had arrived in the morning.

Great session, High5!



Putting the fun back into fundamentals

Mark booked a one to one session with myself to work on the errors he felt were in his riding but couldn’t identify them. I worked on his skills set from his feet upwards and pieced his riding back together.

Drops, jumping tabletop and gaps were covered and ridden easily. Steeps, corners, pumping and riding over obstacles too. An awesome session unfolded and Mark’s riding changed dramatically from start to finish.

Great session, high5!

Kai, Paul and Neil’s private session

Kai, Paul and Neil wanted a private session with the three of them and they arrived as arranged. The skills check showed the areas in their riding skills that needed attention and I then corrected them. Jumps, drops, corners, steeps, pumping and gap jumps were all on the menu and ridden using the mental skills that I teach.



John’s one to one

Today was my only session of the week as I had to rebook the rest due to adverse weather (snow). I was really looking forward to getting my coaching buzz and John arrived eager and ready to learn. He wanted to leave the structure of the coaching open and in my hands and boy what a change it was.

By the end of the session John was riding drops, jumping further, linking jumps, riding over obstacles, endo turns and steeps.  I broke his riding down and rebuilt it using his experience of snowboarding and other sports.

Great session, high5!

Molly’s riding changes

I met Molly over a decade ago and today she turned up, as arranged for coaching that her partner Richard had bought for her.  Molly races enduros and wanted to see if she could gain more confidence in her riding, well that was going to flood in!

The skills check showed myself and Molly why things were stuck in her riding and once I had corrected her physical skill set , her riding went from strength to strength.

Bunny hops, endos and getting over obstacles were first, drops, steeps and pumping was followed by cornering. Even wallrides were all ticked off and ridden with simple control.

Brilliant session and it was awesome to see her partner Richard again too.


A short notice session

I advertise any sessions that become available on my website and social media sites. Dave took today by booking it yesterday and the session blew him away.

I corrected his physical skills and then worked on the mental skills and then it all clicked. Drops, jumps, corners and gap jumps all became simpler and easier for him. A beer to celebrate the session at the end was the cherry on top of an awesome session.