Stuart polishes his skills

Stuart is an avid snowboarder and finds his mountain biking to be a great supplement. I was able to use his experience in that to adjust his skills set in mountain biking.

He wanted to know why his jumping was hit and miss and it was his cornering that really got better.


James and Dave’s session

James and Dave came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation. I put them both through my skills check that identified the areas that needed work and what set up changes were required. From there it all gradually took shape and by the end of their five hour session they were absolutely flying with style and control.


Chris returns after a five year break

I last coached Chris five years ago and he wanted to return to find out why his cornering and drops had become very hit and miss. I could see a body positioning error had appeared again and I had to work gradually on correcting this.

It was mentally tough for Chris but soon any errors were being self diagnosed and he could feel when it was right too.


Charles, Borak and Rich get some skills coaching

What an end to a week of coaching. These guys got to grips with their new skill sets quickly and then it just left applying them to various sections and trails. brilliant riding guys.



Lee finds his skills set

Lee came to me via recommendations online and wanted to find out why he lands front heavy and out of control on jumps. His face was a picture when I said there’s no manual involved but in a few minutes he completely changed .

What a session it turned out to be. Boiling heat and perfect ground conditions meant we covred lots of ground quickly. Jumps, drops, steeps, corners and gaps were all on the menu and ridden with control.

Great riding dude. HIgh5!