Father and son

I coached Steve a year ago and he returned with his 10yr old son George for another session. I worked on Steve’s positioning and also Gee’s footwork in his turns. We applied the physical and mental skills to drops, jumps. gaps and berms. It was awesome to be part of such a session as they were both enjoying seeing the improvements in each other.




Coming back from injury

I coached Bob 3yrs ago but last year he had a crash , losing the front wheel and had developed a protective mechanism in his riding. Now the basis of my mountain bike skills coaching are the simple physical skills that complement the mental skills and Bob needed to know why he’d crashed and how to correct it.

The session was all about positioning and then drilling this with turns so he could over write the memory of is crash

Fuck yeah Friday

Mel, Adam and Neil came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation and wanted to gain control in the air and other areas. I put them through my skills check that showed the missing skills and with set up changed and physical skills intact I demonstrated why the techniques were needed in various sections.

Drops, gaps, tabletops, berms , steeps and alpine style switchbacks were ridden with ease and control.

James has a one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

I coached James in April on a public session and he returned to push his riding further. It was all about applying the mental skills and deciding when to ride a feature or not.A small adjustment in his cornering was needed and made a big difference to his speed and control. Drops, jumps, berms, steeps and wall rides were all on the menu today.

Julie’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Julie came up from Brighton after hearing recommendations from other riders in the area. Julie wanted to regain confidence after a few crashes and I set about installing a new skill set in her riding.

Drops, riding over obstacles, cornering, rocks, steep drop offs and jumps were all part of a great session and by the end Julie was tired but happy 🙂


Four go mad from Weston Super Mare

Rich came to me last year for mountain bike skills coaching and wanted to bring his riding on further and also see his three mates Mick, Paul and Steve progress too.

Well, what a session it turned out to be as I prepared them for their up coming alpine holiday. Drops to 5ft, tabletops to 14ft, riding over obstacles, wall rides, berms and gaps to 16ft too!

Phew, what a session.