Nicole fills a big gap in her riding skills

I coached Nicole over a year ago and she took advantage of a last minute availability slot I had to get another session before heading to the Alps.

Nicole could jump, I taught her that before on her last session but this time she wanted to get over the absolute fear of gap jumps. I worked hard on her mental skill set and we took small steps that built up slowly from drops, tabletops, riding over obstacles and getting air from technical drop offs too. then, before our session could end with a warm down wall riding she sailed over her first gap and proceeded to nail it time and again.

Lloyd’s session

What a hot day it was, not only was his sram guide brakes playing up in the heat but half of the pictures i took have gone missing too!

I was able to use his experience in other sports to really make a difference in his mountain biking. Lloyd left as a far more confident rider , armed with a new skill set that made jumps, drops, steeps, gaps and corners feel almost too easy.

Matt from Sunderland

Matt has wanted to come to me for a mountain bike skills coaching session for a couple of years and finally his diary allowed him to. The skills check showed footwork and positioning needed working on as well as the all important mental skills.

The change in Matt was pretty much immediate. Steep drops, corners, riding over obstacles, jumps and drops all became simpler and easier than before. We even managed to have a good few runs at a wall ride too!

Two Brothers two to one

I have coached Their dad Ben a couple of yeas ago and he wanted his boys of 12 and 14yrs to get some skills coaching so they can be aware of what they are doing when riding. A crash a year ago had affected Sid when jumping and his younger brother Max was beginning his mountain bike journey.

I worked on their physical skills and then it was about choosing what to ride and why using some simple mental skills.