Rebuilding Tony’s head game

I have coached Tony a few times over the years but a crash last year on his local trails really set him back and he wanted to return to me for mountain bike skills coaching to undo his riding and piece it all back together and more importantly, show him why it went wrong .

I began with the stick of truth and began rebuilding his confidence in his physical skills so that gradually I could work on the all important mental skills set.

I love spending time with Tony , it feels like hanging out with a long time mate but I knew what I had to do for him to see that phat smile on his face again. I’ll let the pictures and videos tell the rest.

Wayne gets his wings

Wayne has just come back from the Alps and wanted to actually learn to jump correctly and corner better as he felt a lack of control. The skills check showed us both what and why skills were missing and why it was right or wrong so I set to work on teaching Wayne to jump, drop and turn.

What a session it was and I know i’ll be seeing him again for a ride soon

A couple find the edge in their riding

Nikki and Carl are wife and husband and wanted to develop their riding as they ride the mountains together in winter and summer. They came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation. Both are keen snowboarders and I was able to use this to bring their skills sets on.

A Father and Son session

Jon and His son Tom came to me via recommendation for a mountain bike skills coaching session and wanted to know what to do and why in their riding. Jon’s son Tom was already jumping at the bull track but his dad wanted him to understand what he was doing. Jon himself had never cleared a jump and certainly not a gap jump, but that was about to change.

Fleet mtb boys

Dan, Damo, Pat, Sean and Ian came to me for mountain bike skills coaching as a private session. They wanted to learn how and why to jump and corner so, I ran them through my skills check and made some seemingly small adjustments to their set ups and also to their physical skills that made all the difference.

I think the photos and videos show how the session panned out 🙂

great riding guys!

Edd’s one to one

Edd has been riding for 3 or so years and wanted to find  the why in his riding. He wanted to understand what is happening when it’s right or wrong on his mountain bike and I first had to discover his missing skills. Armed with this I worked on his positioning and footwork and then applied these to various sections of trail and trails.