Ben’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Ben was given some skills coaching gift vouchers last Xmas and today was the day to change his riding. I was able to use his experiences from other sports to really move his riding on. He could never get the back wheel off the ground and certainly never ride over the fallen tress that are common on local trails but by the end of a tiring session, Ben was cornering, pumping , riding steep stuff and linking trail sections fluidly. Great riding.


The return of Jo and Andrew

Jo and Andrew have been to me for mountain bike skills coaching a couple of times before but today was after a two year gap. I worked on Andrew’s weaker right hand turns and on Jo’s positioning in turns. We then moved to linking gap jumps, drops and adding style too. An amazing end to a great week of coaching.

The pics tell a great story of the session

Dan gets his wings

Dan came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand what to do and why when riding off road. Previous to today he had never jumped or anything. The skills check showed me the areas that needed correcting in his physical skills set and it wasn’t long before he could pop either wheel off the floor and ride over obstacles with ease. Drops, jumps, gaps, pumping, cornering and steep drop offs were all ridden and Dan’s riding by his own admission had changed dramatically.

Four go mad from Hertford

Ray, Paul, Darren and Matt ride together and wanted a private mountain bike skills coaching session to find out why they struggled in corners and when getting over obstacles. I made some small adjustments and repaired their physical skills sets before showing them why to do certain actions in various scenarios.

Drops, jumps, cornering and riding steep drop offs were all covered and linked together with pumping too. A brilliant session unfolded.



James’s one to one

James decided that he’d do what he’d done in every other sport he had done before and get some coaching. On arrival I outlined the physical skills that needed work on and armed with that information I set about showing James why his footwork and positioning were so important.

Cornering, drops, jumps, steep drop offs and pumping were all worked on a linked together too.

Steve finds the middle ground


Steve has been riding since the 90’s and wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand how to ride off drops and why his wheel used to always nosedive when he tried.

The skills check and set up changes set the foundation and it wasn’t long before everything changed in his riding. Night and day were the words he used to describe the changes that happened in his riding . I made small adjustments to his physical skill set from his feet upwards and it all changed positively.