It’s Not About The Bike

Alex and Tom ride an e-bike and standard bike respectively and wanted to share a private mountain bike skills coaching session with myself. I explained that their is no skills difference between either bike and that it is themselves that have the greatest effect.

They wanted to learn to get air and perhaps clear a tabletop but the session gave so much more.

Tweaking Nick’s Riding

Nick came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand why his jumping was hit and miss and lacked height too. The skills check showed him why and also that he was weak in his cornering too. I worked hard on his positioning and footwork in all areas and in particular jumps and right hand turns.

Stuart’s mountain bike skills coaching session

Stuart booked in with me a few weeks ago and took advantage of the all year round ride able conditions of the skills area. I broke his skills set down and worked on his looking and positioning and then the mental skill set also.

Alex and Gemma learn Trail Centre Skills

Alex and Gemma were due to come to me a couple of months ago but 40mph+ winds meant I had to delay their mountain bike skills coaching session until today.

They ride regularly at the Forest of Dean and Swinley forest and wanted to finally learn to fly and maybe cornering if I had time. I smiled as I said we’ll do pumping, drops, jumps, steeps etc easily in one session and what a session it was!



Mark’s one to one

Mark wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching and was recommended to come to me. I ran him through a simple skills check and showed him why things were not working and some were. I then went on to show the application of a simple skills set to everything we could on trails. Drops, jumps, pumping, drop offs and berm riding were all ridden and linked together too.

Nige and Karl’s Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Session

Nige and Karl wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching and came to me via recommendation. They wanted to get better at riding the blue grade trails at trail centres and maybe be able to ride higher grades too.

I started by breaking their riding skills down and rebuilding them back up to more confident and controlled riders who could jump, drop and corner with a new flow and fluidity.




Sue Finds The Answers

Sue is on a journey to become fluid and confident when riding and to understand what sometimes goes wrong in her riding. She came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation and  I asked what area she wanted to develop and she said jumps and drops and I suggested corners too.

I broke down Sue’s riding skills and rebuilt them using her experiences from a lot of other sport she’d done before.

I think the pictures and videos tell a good story themselves.