Jon’s Saturday Session

Jon wanted to understand what to do and why on his mountain bike. I explained the simplicity of the techniques involved and then began correcting his positioning. This really made a big difference in his riding and we went through as many applications of his new skills set as we could.

Paul Wanted To Learn To Fly

Paul came to me via recommendation and said he wanted to learn to jump and had never ridden a gap jump before either.

I broke his riding right down and rebuilt his physical skills to show him the simplicity rather than the complexity of mountain biking.

We began with applying his new skills sets to drops, then tabletops and gaps. It was cornering that really hit home as he could feel the difference in control.

Adam And Steph’s Skills Session

I coached Adam nearly two years ago and his partner Steph has only been riding six months so he wanted to return with her for some more mountain bike skills coaching with me.

I worked on their physical skills and then I was able to work on the mental skills.